why you should not cheat on your girlfriend

By Tyler Damon

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The word “cheating” comes with disgust, but yet this is done by millions of people. It’s really easy to commit the heinous act when things go south in your relationship, but it is not something you will be proud of. You will end ruining your partner’s belief in love for a lifetime. Although deep down everyone knows that who wrong committing cheating is, yet we may need reasons not to do that. Read this article if you are in a dilemma whether or not you are doing the right thing.

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  1.  You will get caught.

If you are planning to commit cheating and you think you won’t get caught then you are wrong. You can’t possibly hide your cheating from your girl. Sooner or later she is goanna find out about this, you are goanna end up being ashamed of yourself in front of the woman you love! This secret is never worth hiding not you could plan to hide it for long.

  1. It’s goanna break your girl’s heart.

It’s no science that once she found out that you were cheating all along she will be broken. You will put her in great misery for a really long time. It’s not just heart that will be broken but you will break her soul and ruin her belief on love, trust, and relationships. Her future relationship will never be the same, she will face a hard time with accepting her future partner’s love. Your mere act cheating can cause her a long-suffering and depression. Think before you commit cheating.

  1. It’s not courageous.

One may think handling two girls at a time is for a guy with some great balls but actually, it’s actually an act that is done by the man’s who have no honor and respect. Not only will your girlfriend but you will be marked as a cheater and liar by every person who has witnessed you committing cheating. You will be trusted less and your words would mean less to other people. Save your integrity and dignity by not cheating.

  1.  Self-loathing

After a time you will realize what have you done in mere temptation and it wasn’t worth doing. That realization will bring self-loathing for a lifetime. You are a good person then you are gonna realize what have you done very soon and trust me it doesn’t feel great. You will only loathe yourself and you can’t do anything to make it right.

  1. Fear the karma.

It may sound superstition but what goes around comes around. What you give to the universe is what you will get in return. Some day you are goanna suffer like that and that day you will feel all that feeling that you have caused another human being. So make sure you do good deeds. It may sound silly but if you cause someone pain you will get for yourself in one way or another.

Cheating is not a solution if you are not in a relationship you want you may want to end it rather than lying and cheating to her. And what you will get from cheating will last for a short time but you will definitely lose the pure love and a great girl. Before committing creating think for solution and the consequences of cheating.

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