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Do you want to get your old Facebook account back? Are you unable to reset the password because you can access the same email a lot of time? Despite to face the security concerns, you can try some hacking tricks which can help you to get your old account back. It can help you to hack any account easily and you can become a professional Facebook account hacker.

The methods

Here is the list of methods which you can try to hack the Facebook account. It can teach you better how to hack a Facebook account easily. You can try the best method which can help you to hack the Facebook account instantly. You have to try all these methods and find the best one. Actually, it can help you to hack the FB account without facing any interruption.

The password recovery method

  • First of all, you can try the traditional password recovery method. If you have the email ID of that person then you can hack the FB account easily. If you don’t know about the email ID then you can find it. You should go to the contact info section of your friends Facebook account and after that you can find the email ID. You have to follow all these mentioned below steps which can help you to hack the password of someone’s Facebook account.
  • You need to enter the email id and click on forgot the password.
  • Now, you have to click on this is my account to proceed.
  • At this time, Facebook will ask to reset the password. Don’t choose this option and it will send the recovery link two-person email.
  • You have to choose the next option in which Facebook will ask how we can reach you. There is no need to enter the email id which is not connected with any other Facebook account.
  • The FB will ask you some question to check if you are the account holders close friend. If you are not then you have to make some gases and you can hack the account easily.
  • Now, you can change the password and the FB will allow you to login within the next 24 hours.
  • In case you can’t give the right answer then you have to recover your account with help from friends. After that, Facebook will show you the person friends and you can select 3 to 5 friends.
  • Facebook sends the password to your friend’s ID and you can ask them to give you.

The key logger

Do you want to know about how to hack a Facebook account? You can use the keylogger software which can record the person’s keyboard activity. You can manually download the software on another personal computer. It can help you to find the password of that person who logs in the Facebook ID. There is number of keylogger software which can teach you about the hacking of Facebook account.

You can also use the hardware keylogger USB drive to record the keyboard patterns. The USB drive needs to be connected to the computer of the victim. You should keep it there for whole day and use the USB which can get a summary. Now you can connect the device and get the data to your computer.

Man in the middle attack

 It is the technical procedure and makes sure the person connected to the fake Wi-Fi. You have to use those different tools which can assist you in the process of include Wi-Fi pumpkin, Raspberry Pi and wireless network adaptor. These things are affordable and can help you too close to the target. After that, you can check out the person’s phone direct with the help of traffic. With the help of login pages, you can record the password and email ID. This tool can allow you to set the all social media platform so which you wanted. If you want to avoid this happening to you then you have to connect your phone and laptop to the secured Wi-Fi networks.


This method is difficult but the most common method to hack the Facebook account. In this method, you have to create the fake login page in which you can send two-person emails.  Make sure the fake login page look like the same one and the person enter all the Facebook details like email id and password in that. After that, the victim login and the software will record all the information. You can get all the information instead of the social media platform.

This process is something technical and involves multiple steps. In this process, there is a need to create a hosting account. Use these detail and instructions which can help you to work on the development process. This method is not so much effective because people are more careful about the website or they can’t login.

You have to try the same method with the personal email id and you can get access to the email. With help of email, you can change the password of Facebook account. It is the long process but, you can access to all the social media platforms which are connected.

The social engineering

The social engineering way only works if the person has a weak password. If you are good at guess then you can hack the Facebook account is free. The Facebook password cracking method involves some guessing and you have to give some answers to security questions. After that, you can get the password of Facebook into the Facebook account or email account. With help of this method, you can better understand how to hack a Facebook account for free.

Some common tricks to get the facebook account

For the purpose of hacking the Facebook account, you can try some common passwords which people can include.  You have to try the most common things in which they are loved when you hack someone Facebook account you know.

  • You can try the year of birth
  • The marriage anniversary or birthdate of their children
  • Name of children, favorite movie, Pet or spouse
  • The mobile phone numbers

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