Cheap Hosting: A Guide to Finding the Best Deals

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Cheap Hosting is one of the most important aspects of a website. There are multiple options that would help you host your sites and other web properties for free. However, the free hosting has its own disadvantages. However, if you are someone making an entry into the realm of website creation and hosting, these can indeed be an excellent option for all your requirements.

With a huge number of web Cheap Hosting services available, it may be a little difficult to arrive at the right hosting services that would exactly meet your requirements. A cheaper service may not offer the right type of reliability. It may be worthwhile to notice that some hosting service providers offer you a budget-friendly introductory price, you would be shocked to know the renewal prices that these services tend to offer.

From that perspective, you should go with a service that offers you an excellent renewal pricing as well. Here are our best choices for the best cheapest hosting service that you can opt for.

Cheap Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide

1.     MilesWeb

They have been considered to be the most trusted, popular, and affordable web hosting service provider.  The Uptime provided by MilesWeb is 99.95%  which is offered by the hosting service which should be what would make your web hosting reliable enough without any breaks.

MilesWeb offers a wide variety of web hosting services, including shared hosting, Reseller, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting,

VPS, and dedicated servers. Although it’s one of the affordable web hosting services in India, you’ll get unmatched product quality and steller customer support without burning your hard-earned money.

2.      Hostinger

Hostinger is perhaps the best when it comes to the right type of cheapest hosting services in India or otherwise. Compared to the other cheaper service providers which tend to have no practical level of customer service, slower speed, and lack of reliability.

Hostinger fits in the bill perfectly for those looking for a reliable service in the realm of web properties. The uptime offered by the service has been to the tune of 99.97 percent most of the time. They are also known to be the fastest hosting service providers for WordPress hosted blogs and websites. You will get access to everything unlimited – right from bandwidth to the database. The service also comes with a free site builder and WordPress updates. A 24 x 7 live chat support would be yet another added advantage.

3.      Bluehost

Bluehost has been hosting more than 2 million websites. That in itself should stand as proof to the functionality offered by the hosting service and its perfect for all your requirements in a budget hosting. It has been considered to be the most reliable, popular and affordable hosting service provider.

The 99.99 percent uptime offered by the hosting service should be what would make your web hosting reliable enough without any breaks and disruptions. You would also find a faster speed performance that would ideally be the plus point for your hosting needs. However, the cheapest plan will come with a three-year commitment. Renewals would be costly enough. You have access to live chat support for all the customers all through 365 days across 24 x 7 accessibility. If you want to go with the 12-month plan, the cost will increase.

4.      InMotion Hosting

This is yet another excellent option and has been treated to be a perfect one when you are checking out the options for the best in terms of value for money offerings. The hosting does offer a wide range of tools that would attract the visitors and then convert them into business for your website. The plans also offer a security suite to handle your requirements in safeguarding and protecting your site.

Option for the optimization tools can be yet another plus point that would assist you in arriving at the perfect option for the cheapest hosting. You will definitely be able to convert more users. The availability of a website builder, marketing tools, and eCommerce apps would be something you would find an impressive option. The service has partnered with leading internet service providers and thus ensures blazing fast internet connectivity.

5.      iPage

What if you are checking out the option of a low cost hosting along with an added functionality in terms of high-end features? The iPage feature can be a great feature you would be impressed with. It is perfectly cheap. You would be offered a free domain name, SSL, and a 30-day moneyback guarantee. You can install your blogs or websites with any of the multiple options that include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and even other custom website builders.

While the introductory prices are dirt cheap, you may find some of the renewal prices would be higher. The loading times and upload times may not be something you would be happy with. It assures a 99.97 percent uptime, may fall short of the promised uptime in many cases.

6.      Dreamhost

A cheap hosting plan that comes with the same renewal cost is what should ideally make your Dreamhost hosting a pleasurable experience. The major difference between the other hosting service providers and Dreamhost lie in the fact that t=you get the same renewal cost and thus it can be a money saver in the long run.

Get a 99.96 percent uptime guarantee and a 719 ms average speed that should be one of the best options for a reliable, cheaper web hosting service. The customer service is one of the great among the competing operators. The liv chat option is quite smarter and faster enough. There is no cPanel which can be a difficult option.

7.      WebHostingPad

Yet another Cheap Hosting service that you would find impressive would be WebHostingPad. The two-plus points that would go in favor of the service provider would involve the highest uptime and speed of connectivity.

The average uptime has been reported to be around 97.65 percent. The load time may be one of the areas that you would find it to be a difficult player to opt for. The only positive point that goes in their favor is their perfect cheaper hosting option. A great customer care service is what would ideally make it one of the preferred choices. While they are cheaper, it may not be the right option for a good visitor performance.

8.      Westhost

This is yet another excellent hosting service provider with cheaper hosting plans. However, you would find that the renewal costs are expensive enough. But, sadly enough, you would not get any free email accounts or domain registration options for you.

The service offers you an uptime of 99.96 percent. It may not be the worst option, but we do not consider extremely reliable either. The speed performance is also not impressive. Want to try a cheaper and slightly reliable hosting service? This can be one of the perfect options. The renewal pricing may be costly, and you would find it a little backtracking.

9.      HostGator Cloud

The cheapest starter plan that the service offers you should be one of the prominent options you would find impressive. The renewal prices can be heavier, but you can opt for a 36moth plan. You would have access to a free site transfer option for one website. You also have access to additional security options as well.

The 99.98 percent uptime should be yet another added advantage. The average speed of 433 ms should be good enough for almost all your site loading requirements. The customer support is indeed exemplary. The option of unmetered disk space and bandwidth would make it one-off the prominent options. It would offer you the cheapest ever six-month plan for hosting.

10.      A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting will provide you access to an exceptional level of service that provides you access to a great functionality through shared hosting. You will have access to exceptional service with multiple platforms like  Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, and WordPress.

You will have access to Turbo Server feature that would provide you with faster speed performance. You are expected to get an expected speed of 20X. You are guaranteed a 99 percent uptime across all the plans. You also have access to a free hosting migration functionality as well. The industry-standard control panel cPanel should be a great option for your needs.

11.     SiteGround

It is an excellent hosting service provider that provides you with performance-based services in the realm of web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. SiteGround would be a great option for all your needs and provides you access to the uptime of 99.99 percent.

The server security and data protection would be the two great features that you would make Site Ground an excellent performer. There are several tools and services that form a part of the entire package. The SSD on all hosting plans, free SSL certificate, and access to 24/7 customer support. You can reach support on several modes like phone, live chat, and ticketing.

The Concluding Thoughts

Cheap Hosting Those were a few excellent and great services that you would find quite impressive. The cheaper hosting services offered by the above service providers should definitely help you make the right choice. Use your discretion when opting for any of those services.

Check out those hosting services and share your inputs with us. Make a power-packed entry into the world of blogging and experience success.

A cloud Cheap Hosting company should be able to serve diverse industries including Accounting, Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, etc. For example, it should have experts for complex tasks like office 365 migration support and application software hosting like QuickBooks Cloud Hosting with impeccable and dedicated 24*7 tech support.

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