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Kokoa TV is basically for Korean platform which provides us with various kinds of shows, kdramas, movies and other live streaming shows, etc. do this platform is not as successful as Netflix but it will surely be at that level very soon due to its upcoming new and trendy appearance. It has a little bit of a complex interface due to which its users may take some time to adjust and be comfortable with its features. So now I will discuss what kokoa TV is in detail. We will also be discussing the features advantages and disadvantages and some reviews about the Kokoa TV.


Kokoa TV is basically a modern and innovative platform for video streaming which offers us with variable movies shows and TV programs depending upon the demands of the users. The Kokoa TV offers us to connect on multiple devices at a time for streaming of various TV shows or programs which may include mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, etc. one of the specialty of this ott platform is that they tend to release there originals that include TV programs, movies and documentaries. This platform also offers it’s users to binge watch as it uploads all the episode of the series at once so that the binge lovers can enjoy their treat.




This platform provides children protection by providing the parental controls through which the parents can stay worry less as they don’t have to bother where their kids will land upon while searching, streaming or watching the shows.


The cocoa TV understands you so well that it gives us personalized preferences or recommendations by making it easier to land upon various interesting and exciting content and also discover some new content and hence saying no to uncontrolled scrolling.


The kokoa TV features us with the best streaming quality and by introducing every detail to life and beautiful viewing experience. It provides us full HD quality shows with best clarity and vibrant colors and high resolution.


Kokoa TV allows it’s users to create personalized playlists which include their favorite shows. This feature helps the user to stay tuned on the content they like or they watch and creates a liking between the platform and them.


  • SUBTITLES: This platform provides content with subtitles in different languages for the k drama lovers and fans of other Korean shows.
  • ACCESS TO LICENCED CONTENT: This platform offers access to various licenced contain including various original shows for eg. Money Heist, Stranger Things, Demon, Bridgestone, etc.
  • UNLIMITED CONTENT: This platform offers us unlimited content with variety of options of the shows which are also available in different significant studios which include Netflix, Disney, peacock, Amazon prime video, Apple TV etc.
  • DOWNLOADS: This platform offers the users to download the content in case they have to watch it offline in any situations like internet cut off or flights.


  • EXPENSIVE: The Kokoa TV is a bit expensive for its users which goes up to $8.99/month. Though this amount may sound affordable for the family are users but for the occasional users it may be more than expected.
  • EXPIRIES OF LICENCED CONTENT: This platform does not ensure or provide guarantee to its users that a particular show will stay long lasting on the application due to the expiring of the license of those content.
  • INTERNET CONSUMPTION: The internet availability is must while watching the live streaming shows or movies and also it requires internet for downloading the content.
  • AD’s:While watching the content on the internet this platform may also show some ads which sometimes irritate the user.


The valuable reviews of the users about Kokoa TV are that it gives endless content with great quality and live streaming. This platform provides the users with full entertainment and numerous choices which gives them immense pleasure and enjoy the shows happily.

 Also it is understood that any service provided can’t be up to date or too perfect; everything has its drawbacks though. So this platform is continuously trying to improve itself by doing various experiments over the users likings and these likes and trying to fully meet the expectations of the users and impress them to stay tuned with this platform.


In this way we would like to conclude this precise collection of the information provided on the topic of Kokoa TV. Hope you all do well and visit the application and enjoy various streaming shows and movies with your family, friends and loved ones. Thank you for visiting us.


1. How frequently the content on the platform is updated?

Ans: The content on this platform is updated so regularly and frequently in a loop that one tends to find fresh and exciting content every time they visit the application.

2.  Is family friendly content available on Kokoa TV?

Ans: Yes, family friendly content is available widely on Kokoa TV. You just need to explore and then enjoy a safe viewing experience with your family and friends.

3.  Can I use this platform without having a prominent internet connection?

Ans: For using this platform without internet connection you need to learn about its offline facilities which may include downloaded content.

4. What makes Kokoa TV stand out?

Ans: The availability of various interesting and unique features provided by the Kokoa TV makes it stand out then other available OTT platforms.

5. Are free trials available on this platform?

Ans: Yes, sweet trials are also available at this platform for some particular selections. you just need to explore and try out the free trial option and then experience the platform first hand.

7. What kind of payment methods are accepted on this platform?

Ans: This platform ensures to provide a smooth subscription process by giving variable payment method options while doing the payment procedures in taking subscriptions. To know more please click upon the subscription option available on the app.

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