error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg

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Error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg indicates that an invalid argument has been provided during the creation of a virtual machine (VM) instance in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This error typically occurs when there is a mismatch or inappropriate parameter passed to the WSL service responsible for creating and managing virtual machines.

The WSL service is a crucial component that enables Windows users to run a Linux distribution seamlessly alongside their native Windows environment. It facilitates the integration of Linux functionality, allowing users to execute Linux commands, run applications, and even set up a virtualized Linux environment through virtual machines.

When encountering the “E_INVALIDARG” error during the creation of a VM instance, it is essential to investigate the arguments supplied during the WSL operation. This error often arises due to one or more parameters being incorrect or incompatible with the expected values. Here are some common reasons and potential solutions for resolving this error:

  1. Check Command Syntax: Verify that the command used to create the virtual machine follows the correct syntax. Ensure that all required parameters are provided, and there are no typos or syntax errors in the command.


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wsl –set-version <DistributionName> <VersionNumber>

  1. Update WSL: Ensure that you are using the latest version of WSL. Microsoft regularly releases updates and improvements, including bug fixes. Updating WSL to the latest version may resolve compatibility issues that could be causing the “E_INVALIDARG” error.


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wsl –update

  1. Verify Virtual Machine Configuration: Double-check the configuration settings for the virtual machine being created. Ensure that parameters such as memory allocation, disk size, and other relevant settings are within the acceptable range.


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wsl –set-version <DistributionName> <VersionNumber> –memory <MemorySize> –disk-size <DiskSize>

  1. Review Documentation: Consult the official WSL documentation for the specific distribution and version you are working with. The documentation provides detailed information about the required parameters and their valid values.


  • WSL Documentation

  1. Community Forums: Seek assistance from the WSL community forums or online developer communities. Other users may have encountered similar issues, and community support can provide valuable insights and solutions.


  • WSL GitHub Repository

By carefully examining the parameters, updating WSL, and referring to official documentation, users can troubleshoot and resolve the “WSL/SERVICE/CREATEINSTANCE/CREATEVM/E_INVALIDARG” error, ensuring a smooth experience when working with virtual machines in the Windows Subsystem for Linux.


What is Error code: wsl/service/createinstance/createvm/e_invalidarg?

It’s an error related to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), indicating an issue with creating a virtual machine instance.

Why am I seeing this error on my system?

Common causes include outdated software, corrupted WSL files, or misconfigured WSL settings.

How can I prevent this error in the future?

Regularly update your system, check file integrity, and configure WSL settings.

I’ve updated everything, but the error persists. What now?

Consider reinstalling WSL. Remember to back up any critical data before doing so.

Where can I seek additional help if I can’t resolve the error?

The WSL community forums and discussion boards are great resources. Many users share solutions to common issues, including this error.

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