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ChuChu TV

Chuchu tv Children’s entertainment is not child’s play. However, Vinoth Chandra is running his very successful show Kids Need. Founder of ChuChu TV, one of the most watched YouTube channels with over 24 million subscribers, growing rapidly with millions of viewers with all affiliates of the main channel.

For the Chennai-based businessman, it all started with an animated video he made in 2013 of his daughter Harshita aka ChuChu. Music director Chandrabhos son Vinoth has music in his blood, and hence he sang for his daughter. “Afterwards, I made a video of the nursery rhymes, the chicks, because my daughter was too big. The video went well, and my daughter liked it a lot, so I uploaded it to YouTube so that I could share it with children everywhere. Share. Watch Vinoth’s memory. The video was released, and thus I was born. ChuChu TV Channel. Since then, ChuChu TV has taken its place at the top with more than 350 videos, all by ChuChu TV. Channels – Rhymes and available on YouTube. Through Children’s Songs, Amazing Egg Games, Storytime, and FunZone – with 20 billion viewers.

In August 2017, the channel received the Diamond Play Button Award, which is given to channels with more than 10 million subscribers. “We were thinking of creating content for children, but we never thought it would become this big. We are currently seen in more than 100 countries,” says Vinoth, 38.

All ChuChu TV videos are as colorful and delightfully animated as a children’s storybook, with emotional beats that tap the feet. Vinoth says that he had to experiment a lot in the beginning to find the right combination to attract children. “It’s a combination of many features like music, songs, characters, and script. It’s like making a feature film but on a smaller scale,” says Vinoth.

Lines from many famous poems have been adapted to present an educational, contemporary angle. Vinoth’s partner and chief creative officer BM came up with the idea. Krishnan It was a train of thought that paid dearly for both of them. “He realized that many of the popular nursery rhymes in English had no real meaning, and many of them had a black face. He wanted to change that and give a positive spin to all nursery rhymes,” says Vinoth.

Therefore, popular nursery rhymes such as Johnny, Johnny Wes Papa, Ba Ba Black Sheep, etc., are relevant to the contemporary world and reflect today’s concerns and issues. In addition, the video introduces children to games with shapes, colors, numbers, and bits of information about the world. According to Age, the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times and counting. As of 2017, all videos are 2D animation. But with the launch of ChuChu TV FunZone, the company also ventured into 3D animation.

Vinoth says his biggest challenge at the start of the project was deciding whether it was a business opportunity or not. But once he did, he never looked back because he had to use technology resources and increase production. He believes that the YouTube-led video content platform offers a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs in India. “It gives freedom of speech to listeners around the world,” he says.

Chuchu tv School is another great thing that Vinoth has to offer to ChuChu visitors. It is an educational platform that helps parents teach preschool children to read and write, introducing them to the concepts of numbers, language, science, and art. “This is a joint project with the American preschool education company. We have also started a YouTube channel in addition to the site. We will focus on this project this year.” A 3D series for kids is also in the pipeline, which will also mark the launch of ChuChu merchandise in India.

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