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Hamraaz app one of the best and technically developed app of the Indian army which is design under the surveillance of Indian defence. In this article we will try to figure out all the information related toHamraaz army app we will try to give out features as well as information regarding this app in the below article you will see all the quality information which is related to Hamraaz army app. At last, we have tried to cover up many questions asked by the people related toHamraaz army app, you can also check them out. If you are interested in getting the information of this app, then you should the below article to get the desired information.

What is Hamraaz app?


Hamraaz app This is the well known app which is designed by Indian Army to help or to serve the Indian Army Soldiers some services. The app is developed by organization of Defense in India. Basically in this app you will see the information related to the Indian Army search some services some important announcements and many other things. That app is developed by the Indian Army, so no other person can access the app though he is an Indian government officer or any other government employee. This app is allowed to use just buy Indian Army Soldiers to get the information such as pension and many other things. Hamraaz army app is the best app developed by the Indian Army for their soldiers.

Hamraaz app Features

Indian Army Soldiers who have many government schemes are some x Indian Army Soldiers are also provided with the Indian Army services this all types of services can be seen or listed on this Humraaz. With the help of the technical team of the Indian Army this app is developed for the Indian soldiers’ app is only installable on Android phones, this app is not developed for the iOS users. Below we will see all the features of Hamraaz app.

  • This app is only accessible to the Indian Army Soldiers are who are working for the Indian Army, no other person is allowed to use this app or is not given the access.
  • Hamraaz app Design for the Indian Army Soldiers to see their promotion years how much growth they have done till now what is the position and many other things.
  • Indian Army Soldiers can check for their salaries through Hamraaz app rather than salary, this app also provides many features which will be listed below.
  • Due to some technical issues if any Indian Army Soldier receives some less salary then he can solve this issue by using Hamraaz app because the app also provides this feature.
  • This app is very helpful for the people who are interested in taking posting on any other region or the part by this app they can request for their posting.
  • All the services needed to a Indian Army Soldiers are provided in this Hamraaz app, so all that types of features can be used by using this app.

Benefits of the Hamraaz app

There are many benefits of the Hamraaz app because by figuring out some issues in the Indian Army Soldiers they have designed this app to give out the better services to the brave Indian Army Soldiers. There is a big benefit of using Hamraaz app download and that is you can check all the list of services any type of query can be solved by using Hamraaz app due to these soldiers can save the time. Hamraaz app download has benefit for the x Indian Army soldier also which have sacrificed their lives for the India, all the pension related services are also given in this app.

How to download Hamraaz app?

Downloading Hamraaz app is very easy if to just go on the Google there you have to type Hamraaz app download after that the official Indian army website will be appeared. After visiting on the official Hamraaz app download website for the Indian away website, you can see the app download link on the website itself. After that you can click on the download button option you can start using this app. The interface and the usability of the app is very easy and minimal so that everyone can use it.

Who can use Hamraaz app?

The Hamraaz app is specially designed for the Indian Army Soldiers, so if you are an Indian Army soldier than only you can use it. The app is design in a such a way that not even any other government employee can access it, is just for the Indian Army. Though you are the x Indian army officer then also you can use it because this feature is also provided in this app. In short, x Indian army officer present in an army officer and all other Indian Army official can access or use the Hamraaz app download

How to sign up on Hamraaz app?

Sign up on the Hamraaz app is very easy but to sign up you should be an Indian army officer then only you can sign up for the Hamraaz app download. You can follow The below steps, and you can sign up on the Hamraaz army app.

  • First go on the Google or chrome inside your mobile after that, search for gov.in.
  • After visiting the website, search for the sign-up button option and now click on it.
  • After clicking on sign up button now you will see the option of entering the PAN card and the captcha number you can feel your PAN number and after that the captcha.
  • After entering all the correct information now you can hit sign up.
  • After filling this details now you will have to wait for the officials to check your details after that you will receive a mail about it and by using your PAN number you can directly log in to the Hamraaz app.

This was the short and a simple process for signing up for the Hamraaz army app you can follow this steps you can successfully sign up for the Hamraaz app download

Latest Hamraaz app download

They could be many questions in the people’s mind about the Hamraaz app download when it gets any update, how can we update. For that also, you can follow the same steps which you have followed while downloading the app. Just by visiting on the website, you can update your Hamraaz app download by downloading the new APK. because this app is not present on the Play Store, you can just install and download the updated version of the app to be updated to the services provided by the Indian Army.

Phone requirements to use Hamraaz app

  • There are some requirements which should be meet if you want to use Hamraaz app on your mobile phone.
  • You should have an Android handset or a smartphone because this app only works in Android, not on the iOS.
  • The phone should have the stable internet connection because in starting you have to sign up on the website and for the sign-up you need internet connection so you must have this stable internet connection.
  • Your phone must have at least 4 GB ram so that you can use this app without any lag.

Hamraaz app new account login

Many people were facing the issue regarding the new account login in the hamraaz app login, but you can solve this issue by just visiting on the official website of the hamraaz app login. Here you can log in your newly created account just by entering your pan card details. But doing this, you can overcome the hamraaz app login app new account login problem.

Hamraaz app payslip

how to open payslip in hamraaz app  is the service provided by the how to open payslip in hamraaz app means the Indian Army Soldier’s salary slip how much salary they got what are the increments also details are shown in the payslip. You can find the payslip option by going on the how to open payslip in hamraaz app, there you will find the tab of services, and you can check out what is your payslip of the recent month. All the data is given out correctly, so you can definitely check it out if you need.


In this article, we have just given the information related to Hamraaz app. the main aim of the article is to provide the information or the details regarding the Hamraaz army app act to the people. We’re not having any ownership of the Hamraaz app download we are just providing the information articles.


We hope that you have light all the information provided in the above article, you can share this article with your Indian Army friend so that they can get all the information related to Hamraaz app.


Who can use Hamraaz app?

 Hamraaz appcan be used only by the Indian soldiers, no other person is allowed to use.

What is the size of Hamraaz app?

The size of Hamraaz app is about 5 to 6 MB.

 On which phone does Hamraaz app work?

 Hamraaz app can work on all the Android devices.

 What is the latest version of the Humraaz?

 The latest version of the Hamraaz app is 7.2.

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