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Doc scanner

Doc scanner Apps If you have a smartphone, you don’t need a physical scanner! With these Android and iOS apps, scanning is at your fingertips.

Gone are the days when you go to the library to scan documents on your home scanner or spend money on it. You can find many Android and iOS apps that put scanning at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

These alternatives are some of the best Android and iOS scanner Doc scanner Apps with useful functions other than scanning. It’s smart enough to organize and edit elements for you and let you take care of it, making it ideal for both business and personal use.

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is a flexible and portable scanner with good features. You can scan documents, receipts, business cards, notes, and even a whiteboard or whiteboard. The Tweaked App then uses optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize handwritten or typed text, so you can easily search, copy, or edit it.

In addition to its extensive scanning capabilities, Microsoft offers a whiteboard mode with lens trimming and brightness adjustment. Document mode also crops and adjusts colors accordingly. To quickly add contacts to business cards you scan, the Doc scanner Apps extracts the details and saves them to your address book.

You have different saving options in Microsoft Lens. First, you can save images to OneNote or OneDrive and convert them to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files. You can save them directly to your gallery as images or, better yet, in PDF format. It also gives you the option to save the scanned document in multiple formats in different locations.

Before saving, you have the option to convert the document to a different quality (high, medium, or low) and even access a number of useful editing and annotation features. Microsoft Lens is completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases, making it the best free Doc scanner Apps for Android and iOS.


CamScanner is another great Doc scanner Apps available on the mobile platform. This app allows you to retrieve other documents, including invoices, notes, business cards, and whiteboard discussions. Like Microsoft Lens, CamScanner uses OCR to extract text from the scan. The app also comes with smart cropping and auto-enhancement features that clean text and images clearly.

Additional features include the option to share via email or social media as a PDF, Word, JPEG, or TXT file, advanced annotation editing, passcode protection, cross-platform compatibility, and keyword search. It also provides several built-in tools such as PDF to Word Converter, PDF to Excel Converter, and QR Code Scanner.

Some features are locked behind a subscription, but you’ll be fine with the free version. These include electronic signatures, high resolution, 10GB of cloud storage, an advanced PDF editor, and automatic uploads to Google Drive, Evernote, and other cloud services.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is also one of the best scanner Doc scanner Apps in the market. You can take photos, documents, notes, invoices, business cards, and whiteboards, and then the app automatically sharpens them for clarity. With OCR, you can create a PDF file that works with Adobe Acrobat Reader and similar products.

You can use the enhancement features to crop, rotate, and adjust the color. Plus, your scans are stored in Adobe Document Cloud, where you can access, share, tag, add notes, and search. The Doc scanner Apps saves files in multiple formats, including JPG and PDF.

If you want to scan more, you can subscribe to the monthly Adobe PDF package via an in-app purchase. It allows you to merge files, rearrange documents, export PDF copies to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files, password-protect files, and fill out and sign forms. You also get more cloud storage (20GB).

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is another great scanning option for Android and iOS users. No need to click anything to capture; This Doc scanner Apps does it automatically for you, so you can easily scan documents on Android and iOS. Once you’ve scanned your document, contract, or note, you can export it as a JPEG or multi-page PDF file. The app uses smart face detection to correct the look and enhance photos for you.

You can use the bulk scan function when you need to scan long documents containing many pages. Other great features include batch photo importing, sharing via email and other social apps, password protection, document organization, and useful search functions.

You can upgrade to the paid version of the Doc scanner Apps called Genesis Scan+ to connect to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.


For document scanners with built-in QR codes and barcode scanners, SwiftScan is a great option. Like the other Doc scanner Apps listed here, you can scan almost anything from documents to notes to whiteboards to business cards. Save scans as JPG or PDF and search with OCR capability.

SwiftScan lets you scan multi-page documents, edit and annotate objects, and enhance images with color and filters. You can connect to a variety of cloud services, including iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, as well as Evernote, Slack, and TodoWest.

The premium version includes unlimited scans, electronic signatures, watermark removal, automatic uploads, multi-page uploads, OCR, and more.

Scanner Pro

For iOS users, Scanner Pro is an exceptional, full-featured document scanner. It allows you to scan items using your iPhone or iPad, then email, export, save or upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneNote, iCloud Drive, and other WebDAV-enabled online storage services.

The Doc scanner Apps uses advanced image processing for automatic correction, provides color stamps and signatures, recognizes more than 25 languages ​​with OCR, and allows you to print or fax documents.

You can use iCloud Sync to access items on all your Apple devices, add password protection to PDFs, edit, save and restore when you need them, and easily share scans. It has automatic uploads to secure cloud storage services and is very easy to use.

Scanner Pro offers in-app purchases to give you access to additional features such as the ability to remove watermarks, full-text search, and enable password protection.


The above document scanning Doc scanner Apps are the best mobile scanner apps available. Take your pick, as many of them are available on both platforms. They all have easy-to-use interfaces, so it won’t take you long to learn how to navigate your favorite apps.

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