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Tweaked app iphone

Tweaked App Stores is a third-party app store for iOS that allows you to install tapped apps on your smartphone. Disk applications generally improve the performance of an application or its product quality. Here we look at some of the best iOS app stores where you can install various modded apps. There are many iOS modeled app stores on the Internet. You may be confused about using the modified App Store for iOS. Don’t worry; you’re covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best compatible iOS app stores in 2022.


Another excellent app store is CokernutX. This app installer fits like a glove on your broken iOS device. It has over one million users worldwide. In addition to the highly customizable iOS App Store, it is also one of the best alternatives to the Tweaked App. This cross-platform allows you to use various modified apps without your consent. It is easy to install. All you have to do is download and install the installation file. CokernutX has thousands of apps on both platforms, including Max. You can also access unofficial apps not available in the Apple App Store. In addition to apps, CokernutX also hosts several innovative games, including popular titles such as Roblox, Us In, and Mario Kart Tour. You can also install emulators from applications to play older games. In addition, the app has the same priority as a Tweakbox for its security and privacy. Apps downloaded from CokernutX are delivered using SSL encoding. You do not need to provide your Google Play account or Apple ID. You should also know that CockermutX is free to use. There are no monthly or annual subscriptions required, and the developer claims that it will always be free.

Features of CokernutX:

  • No jailbreak or Apple ID is required.
  • Secure platform
  • Free to use
  • Supports various iOS devices.
  • Thousands of free tweaked apps and games.

App Valley

AppValley is one of them when it comes to popular mood app stores. It has the most extensive collection of modern apps for iOS devices like its competitors. Second, it works flawlessly without breaking your phone. It is suitable for people who want to try third-party apps without making any significant and permanent changes to their phones. Do you have an app that the Apple Store doesn’t accept but still wants to check out? AppValley offers excellent solutions. This includes Cydia apps, mods, free versions of paid apps, and many more gaming apps. There are also newer versions of official apps like YouTube, Spotify, and WhatsApp. Mod apps have more features than the stock version. Also, the application itself is easy to use. Navigation is easy, and if you’re familiar with Tweaked App, the transition won’t be difficult. It is regularly maintained and updated by the developer. AppValley features a customer assistance system if you have an issue. AppValley is free to use because the developers support themselves by displaying many ads. Advertisements come relatively often. Advertising can reduce the user experience. However, if you don’t mind living with annoying ads, AppValley will be a great app store and status.

App Valley features:

  • High level of security, reliability, and stability in the application.
  • You will receive regular updates.
  • There are many modified apps.
  • There are cases of Cydia.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface.


TweakBox is one of the largest repaired app stores for iOS devices. This enables you to install several apps that aren’t available in the Apple App Store. Best of all, you don’t need to jailbreak your device to use TweakBox. Millions of people use Tweaked App to download their favorite programs and games. Its design is clean, and its use is beneficial. It has more than two thousand applications. TweakBox is entirely risk-free to use. You can download it on your iOS device to enjoy new apps.

TweakBox Features:

  • Comes with over 2000+ apps
  • Apps you download receive regular updates.
  • 100% free to use
  • Apps and games are well rated.
  • TweakBox is a lightweight application.


TutuBox is one of the best-edited app stores for iOS. Here you can find many modified apps and games for your iOS devices. Its user interface is clean, and you can effortlessly search all the features of this app store without any hassle. TutuBox requires no jailbreak, and you can also install it on non-jailbroken iOS devices. All apps and games included in TutuBox are free to download. TutuBox provides a way to download apps using a secure connection.

Features of TutuBox:

  • It has an extensive library of applications and the latest.
  • All apps and games are 100% free and without hidden costs.
  • It supports almost all iOS devices.
  • You do not need an Apple ID to download apps.
  • User-friendly interface.

Alt Store

AltStore is an iOS app store that allows you to install multiple iOS modeled apps without breaking your iPhone gel. According to Testut, AltStore is made possible by Apple’s developer App Management System. Because apps need to be tested on real devices before being stored in the Apple Store, Apple allows some apps to be installed directly on the iPhone and iPad via X-Code. AltStore mimics this process to let the system know that it runs a test application. The developer of AltStore has provided all the codes on GitHub for those interested. You can find more technical information about the project on her blog. Through this app store, you can also download various PS2 emulators for iOS.

Features of AltStore:

  • Leave and install any application with your Apple ID.
  • Update apps directly via the AltStore.
  • Open Source App Store
  • It allows you to download multiple applications.
  • Jailbreak is not required.

iOS Heaven

iOS Heaven is one of the most popular mod app installers. This growing library has over 1,000 apps. Although smaller in size than the other options listed so far, this option is a good combination of popular hacked apps, mod games, and mod Tweaked App. If you are a regular user and want to get more features from your custom app, iOS Paradise has enough databases to meet your needs. In addition to the entire third-party app store, it also has an exciting modern user interface that makes searching easy to use. It also comes in a dark condition. However, it is free. However, you can reward developers by collaborating on Ko-Fi. It works without jailbreak, so you can keep your phone under warranty and extend its capabilities. To use this Apple Store, you can go to their website and install your favorite iOS app. It’s also available as an IPA archive. In addition to apps, you may download iOS themes directly to your phone from the website. However, it is only available for iOS 14 and above. Alternatively, you can download the Tweaked App from the AltStore Store as an Black light app.

Features of iOS Heaven:

  • Easy to use, open the website and download your application.
  • It takes up less memory by itself.
  • Regular update of all apps and status

No need to

  • jailbreak your iPhone.


It is the best of all tweaked app stores or application installers. Most are free, do not require Apple ID or other personal information, and have a user interface that makes them easy to use. Most importantly, they have an extensive library of apps, and you don’t need to jailbreak your phone. So you can browse without having to worry about agreeing to your warranty.

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