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flipkart customer care number

flipkart customer care number it is indeed worthy of being called Amazon or Walmart of India. However, if you are looking to get in touch with Flipkart Customer care and cannot find how to find the exact information on how would you do it, the information here should be helpful enough for you.

But before we can move on to know about Flipkart’s customer care number, how about learning something about Flipkart as a company?

Flipkart – The Journey through the years

The company was launched in October 2007 as a small online store for books. Within a span of the last 12 years, it has grown to become India’s leading online marketplace and a clear leader in the Indian E-Commerce arena. The company now deals in over 80 million products across multiple genres and serves the customers with the products in over 80 categories.

The company made a beginning in 2007 dealing in books and later diversified into customer care services. The year 2014 was the turning point in the history of the company where it received billion-dollar funding. The same year, Flipkart acquired Myntra. By the time the year 2016 arrived, the company had grown to be the first Indian app to cross over 50 million users. It reached more than 100 million registered customers.

In recent years, it also acquired another fashion accessories firm Jabong. It also owns PhoneP, which is a mobile payments service based on UPI. As of 2017, Flipkart has recorded a market share of 39.5 percent in the Indian E-Commerce industry.

How to reach Flipkart Customer care?

Well, Flipkart has plenty of options to get in touch with the customer care service. The online retailer offers a toll-free number to get in touch with the service and support requirements you may have. In fact, there is not much waiting time involved, and you get access to quick and fast access to the customer care executives with the number.

Well, the number you would need to dial for any of your queries with respect to the Flipkart services or products is +1 800-208-9898. The number can be used for a wide range of queries and support requirements that range across different genres like Track an Order, Refund a Charge, Return an Order, Problem With an Order, Account Access, and other customer service issues.

The Flipkart customer care number is available 24 x 7 all through the seven days of the week around the year. The customer care number is the same and works with the customers, affiliates, publishers alike. The number is completely Toll-Free, and you do not need to pay for any call charges.

The number can be used for practically any query you may have with respect to the services provided by Flipkart. The issues that you would want to work with can include payment-related details, refund policies, product replacement, complaints, suggestions, feedback, service problems, website problems, order status, and defective products.

Any Other Customer Care Numbers?

Well, there are a few other customer care numbers associated with Flipkart. However, for every practical purpose, you would find the toll-free number outlined in above to be the best and reliable option.

However, if you are looking to check out the number anyhow, here are the other Flipkart customer care numbers you can check out –

18004201111 and18001023547

Please do note that we cannot ascertain the authenticity of these numbers. These are once again the toll-free numbers from Flipkart, and you do not need to incur any sort of a charge for the connectivity.

Yet another alternative Flipkart customer care number you can check out would include 0124-6150000. Do note that this number can be used to reach the customer care service of Flipkart for a wide range of services that you would be using the toll-free number we shared in the above discussion.

Other Important Flipkart Numbers and contact details

Apart from the Flipkart Customer care number, you can also make use of the email service for your specific requirements. The email addresses would be useful depending upon whether you are a customer, vendor, affiliate, or partner.

Some of the important email addresses can be

Customer Support: [email protected]

Vendor Queries: [email protected]

Business Queries: [email protected]

What if you cannot reach out to the customer care service or the other departments of Flipkart? This is where you would need to have access to the mailing address of Flipkart.

If that is exactly what you are looking ahead to, here is the complete mailing address of Flipkart Corporate Office –

Flipkart Internet Private Limited,

Buildings Alyssa, Begonia &

Clove Embassy Tech Village,

Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village,

Bengaluru, 560103,

Karnataka, India.

The registered office can be reached at –

Flipkart Internet Private Limited,

Buildings Alyssa, Begonia &

Clove Embassy Tech Village,

Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village,

Bengaluru, 560103,

Karnataka, India

You can even get in touch with the Flipkart customer care through the social media handles –

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/flipkart

Twitter –      https://www.twitter.com/flipkart

YouTube –  https://www.youtube.com/flipkart

You can even check out the dedicated Help Centre for the best ever experience through Flipkart. Here is the link for the Flipkart Help Centre –


Please note that you need to be signed in to your account with Flipkart. This will help you get access to the complete service with respect to any of your queries. In fact, the official site does come with dedicated sections to take care of each of your needs. These would include the FAQ section, tracking your orders, and enhanced performance.

In essence, here is a summary of all the details with respect to the Flipkart Customer care service contact details –

Flipkart Customer Support

Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Helpline 1800-208-9898
Other Customer Care Numbers 18004201111 / 18001023547
Helpline Number 0124-6150000
Assistance Helpline Number 1800 1080 1800

Well, that concludes it. We assume we have been of help enough for you in reaching out to Flipkart customer care in an efficient and effective manner.

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