What’s Holding Back the AI In E-Commerce Industry?

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The world is abuzz with the advent of Artificial intelligence for the past few years. It is the most sought after and advanced scientific development of our times. AI has its application in a plethora of fields. Today, however, we are going to talk about AI in E-Commerce. How retail business people are using this new technology in the world of Online marketing.

In the past couple of years, AI has become an integral part of our lives. We have accepted AI in every aspect of our living. From shopping to surgery, from writing notes to researching dishes, AI is all around us.

When it comes to shopping, most customers choose the e-shopping option today. The online shopping has created an enormous demand for goods online, prompting companies to work on an online marketing campaign.

From sending direct messages and emails to voice and visual advertising on social media, the companies throughout are trying their best to capitalize on the online market. All these tolls are possible because of the advent of AI.

Thousands of E-Commerce businesses are already taking the help of AI to get a better view of their customer base. They are analyzing the demands and modern trends with the help of AI and hence understanding their customers better.

AI has impacted the E-Commerce market drastically in the past decade. So, today, let us look into how the AI in E-Commerce technology can help and grow your E-Commerce business.

Following are five ways AI in E-Commerce has changed the game:

  1. AI allows you to market to specific customers.

AI is capable of doing intensive research and eliminates the probability and chance of your marketing strategy. Instead of creating a product ad fit for all, AI allows you to create ads targeted at specific customers.

AI, with its automation in marketing, allows you to skim through millions of pages of data very quickly. Artificial Intelligence also enables you to create dynamic ads taking the collected data into account along with the place of promotion explicitly catering to your clientele.

AI has also made it more manageable and efficient to plan retargeting strategies. Facebook, Instagram has made it easy for all businesses to retarget their ads in places. Thereby always being in front of the customer whenever they come online.

AI also allows you to create specific algorithms. These algorithms can be used to gain more customer insight from their online activities, making it easier for you to know what are the customer’s interests. Then send detailed product ads as suggestions at regular intervals to customers keeping the customer informed, and your product is promoted all in one. So, whenever the customer wants to buy the product, you will be their first choice.

  1. AI helps you to Improve Search Results.

You can create the best line of products, have an excellent website. Still, it will do very little to meet your sales goal if you are not easy to locate. A customer spends a maximum of 40 seconds looking for a website before choosing one.

If you want to be found, you need to be the one present at the top of their search result list.

Maximum customers use search engines to look for products than other methods. So you need to win the google search game.

And AI can help you with this. AI has tools for having an SEO (search engine optimized) website, making you visible to the customer.

SEO based AI can:

  • Help you with Keyword research and analysis
  • Recommend specific most searched tags to you
  • Optimize your web content
  • Conduct a timely review of our website performance
  • Recommend ads to your website
  • Guide customers to your website
  • Provide you with data on customer visits etc.

Using AI in E-Commerce business will allow you to make a customer-friendly site, with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, user-friendly tags. These small tweaks will increase the general customer flow to your site.

  1. AI reduces the rate of Cart Abandonment.

You have got customers to find you online. You have got them to come to your website. Ok, you have even got them to choose one of your products and add that to their cart.

Cart abandonment can be reduced by simple email marketing. Research shows cart abandonment can be reduced by 45% by using email marketing. The same can be easily facilitated by using AI and having an automated email marketing mechanism in place.

An abandoned cart is a direct sign that the customer has faced a problem. It can be a technical issue, pricing issues, the delivery charges, the time of delivery, etc. The customer was only a few steps from completing his/her purchase but stopped.

You can now use AI and take advantage of this initial interest of the customer. Automated systems run through an algorithm based AI can be used to bring the customers’ interest to purchase.

Automation allows you to get to the bottom of the reason for customer’s cart abandonment. The AI can accumulate data from feedback and provide a calculated guess. Knowing the reason for the cart abandonment you can then work to remove the reason for cart abandonment.

Using AI, you can also target your customers based on their social media interests. Using AI tools, you can accumulate data on the customer’s curiosities in various social media sites.

Then you can decide on the best product to market to the customer through automated marketing methods.

  1. AI allows you to better retain your Customers by keeping you connected to them at all times.

Connecting with your customers is a significant marketing strategy. You will notice that the shop that behaves the best has the most friendly staff and provides you with a regular wish is the one you like best.

Similar is the case of E-Commerce. Here you cannot see or talk to the customer, but you can still stay connected to them using AI.

You must understand the importance of follow-ups and reminders. Now the follow-ups and reminders can get difficult lt in E-commerce when you are working with thousands of customers daily.

Here you will need AI in E-Commerce. Using AI marketing tools like Email marketing Softwares, you can follow up on all your customers easily. Also, AI can be used to know the details about the customer, their interests, birthdays, anniversaries. This gives you the chance to wish them and suggest a product that fits their interests and occasions. These small gestures, teaks, and ideas will go along way in you, retaining your customers and getting new ones.

  1. AI gives you an edge by providing the Voice Search option.

We live in a world where Siri, Alexa, and Google home have become a daily part of our lives. These voice recognition software has changed the way people live and shop.

Customers are looking for more comfortable ways to shop. Voice search is a significant player in the market today. Voice search not only allows the customer to search for anything online by just saying the name but also will enable them to do so without typing.

To survive in this new era, you have to evolve with it. Here come in AI with voice search. Using specialized machines, you can allow the customer to look for products on your website using a voice search.

Some companies are also using AI to allow the customer to search for an item based on the photo they upload. You can also take up this method of search in addition to voice search.

The crust of the matter is if you make the searching methods of your products more accessible for the customer, you will get more customers. And AI will help you do the above.

AI is for Today and Tomorrow.

Finally, all there is to say is that AI and machines are going to be the future and the sooner you accept it, the better. E-Commerce has grown to such an extent that without AI, you cannot survive in the E-Commerce market.

AI is here to stay and help you grow. Work with it, learn the tricks and tripes, and you will see what a boon it is for your business. It is the best thing that could have happened for E-Commerce. The sooner you accept and implement AI in your E-commerce business, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

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