Top 100 Best Ice Breaker Questions For Dating Couples

Top 100 Best Ice Breaker Questions

We all get in a situation where we have to keep the conversation going on, without getting it all awkward. Breaking the ice with someone you are not quite familiar with is a challenge. It’s not easy to talk to people we hardly know or the person we are not comfortable with. We have come up with ice breaker questions that will save you from getting embarrassing or filling those awkward silences. Get top-rated ice breaker questions here Questionsgems

1. Ice breaker questions for dating couple

Do you like this place?

What do you usually like to drink?

Where do you work? / What do you do at work?

What kind of music do you listen to?

What’s your favorite cuisine?

Which is your favorite restaurant?

What kind of movies does you like watching?

How’s your salad/main course?

Have you come here before? / Do you come here often?

What do you do after work every day?

What do you do for fun?

Where did you study?

What’s your favorite vacation destination?

What’s your idea of a good time/conversation?

Are you a cat or a dog person?

If you ruled the world, what would you change?

Which is the better sex, according to you?

What do you think about chick flicks and which was the last one you saw?

Do you always look this good? /Are you always this charming?

Are you a reader or are you more into games?

Who’s the person in your own life you admire most?

2. Ice breaker questions

What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?

What scene in a movie always gives you goosebumps every time you watch it?

What incredibly common thing have you never done?

What motivates you?

Where are five places you really want to visit before you die?

What’s the best location to fully enjoy a good cup of coffee?

How handy are you when it comes to fixing things?

What’s the worst advice you’ve been given?

What’s the strangest name someone you have met had?

What was something courageous you’ve (in person) seen someone do?

What card or board games do you like to play?

What are you best at fixing?

What movie never gets old no matter how many times you’ve seen it?

If the universe is just a simulation, what update or patch does it need?

Where have you traveled to?

What’s the scariest horror movie or horror book monster?

What’s the most unique shop or restaurant you’ve been in?

What hard time in your life left you a better person after it was finished?

What’s the best sports game you’ve been to?

What period would be the best to be born in?

What sport do you wish you knew more about?

What’s something you’re looking forward to?

What’s the most creative thing you’ve done?

What are you hilariously bad at?

Tell me about a time you were totally out of your element/comfort zone.

Are you a cat or dog person or neither? Why?

Who is the most gifted person you know?

What was your best vacation?

What do you usually do on your commute to work?

What was the craziest theme park or fair ride you’ve been on?

What kind of people do you most enjoy hanging out with?

What do you think the ideal age to be is?

What are you kind of snobby about?

What toy did you hate most as a child?

What’s your drink of choice? (Either alcoholic or non.)

If you left your current life behind and ran away to follow your dreams, what would you be doing?

What food is underrated or underappreciated?

What’s your favorite line from a book or a movie?

What is the best thing you have ever bought?

What catchy jingle or bit of advertising has stuck with you all these years?

What luxury is totally worth the price?

What is the most unique or silliest problem you have going on in your life at the moment?

What could movie theaters do to improve the experience of going there?

If you were so wealthy you didn’t need to work, what would you do with your time?

What apps do you use most?

What is the most tedious and/or the most exciting sport to watch?

What’s your favorite island that you’ve visited?

What do you geek out about?

Besides insects and spiders, what animals annoy you the most?

What’s your favorite month?

What’s the best concert you’ve been to and why was it so good?

What skill or talent would you most like to learn?

What weird thing do you have nostalgia for?

What works of art have really made an impression on you?

What culture would you like to learn more about?

If you were featured on the local news, what would you most likely be on there for?

What do you wish your phone could do?

What’s your favorite international food?

What workers have the worst jobs?

What kind of physical activities do you like doing?

Would you rather watch a movie on your TV at home or on the big screen in the theater, and why?

What assumption you made went hilariously wrong?

What big problem do you think technology will solve next?

What fashion trend needs to be brought back?

How do you think you will be/act when you are old?

What’s your favorite way to waste time online?

What’s the longest trip you’ve been on?

What was something you thought would be easy until you tried it?

What, in your opinion, is the most amazing animal?

How into tech are you? Why?

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made at work?

Who is the oldest person you know personally? What interesting stories have they told you?

Who is the funniest person in your family?

What useless facts do you know?

What topic could you give a 20-minute presentation on without any preparation?

What are some of your favorite games to play?

What takes a lot of time but is totally worth it?

What is the most amazing fact you know?

What website or app doesn’t exist, but you really wish it did?

What’s your favorite type of day? (weather, temp, etc.)

What is the most clever or funniest use of advertising you’ve seen?

How into self-improvement are you?

Are you more productive at night or in the morning? Do you think it’s possible to change and get used to another schedule?

What has taken you the longest to get good or decent at?

3. Deep icebreaker questions

What food do you love that a lot of people might find a little odd?

If you could start a charity, what would it be for?

What was the funniest thing you’ve seen recently online?

What’s something that a lot of people are missing out on because they don’t know about it?

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met and talked with?

What has really taken a toll on you?

How did you spend the money from your very first job?

What do you wish someone taught you a long time ago?

Do you think you rely too heavily on your phone? Why or why not?

How could carousels be spiced up so they are more exciting?

What’s your favorite car that you’ve owned?

What subjects should be taught in school but aren’t?

What’s the biggest vehicle you’ve driven?

What songs would be played on a loop in hell?

What rule do you wish they would introduce into your favorite sport?

What kind of challenges are you facing these days?

What do you highly recommend to most people you meet?

Do you think you have a pretty good work-life balance? Why or why not?

What was the last thing you were really excited about?

What’s your best “my coworkers are crazy” story?

What does your perfect breakfast look like?

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions that you did while growing up?

If you could choose your dreams, what would you prefer to dream about?

Would you ride in a zeppelin if given a chance?

What’s something that was once important but is now becoming less and less relevant?

What tells you the most about a person?

When is the most interesting period in history?

What is the best pair of shoes you have owned?

What book had the most significant impact on you?

Where’s your favorite place to nap?

What is the best event you’ve attended?

What do you buy way more of than most people?

What do you rebel against?

What well-known person does the most good for the world?

What’s your favorite food combination?

What’s the weirdest way you have met someone?

What’s the most amazing natural occurrence you’ve witnessed?

How did you get that scar of yours?

What do you wish was illegal?

If someone came up to you and said “Hey, do that thing you do!”, what thing would pop into your head first?

Who is the most intelligent or creative person you know?

What wastes the most time in your day-to-day life?

Conclusion: these are the best ice breaker questions. Get more quiz questions game


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