How google analytics can help your business


Getting your business to grow is a daunting task. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and being perceptive. Putting all of these efforts into your business still might not yield the desired results if you do not understand your customers’ needs and preferences. This is where analytics comes in.

We are all surrounded by information, but you can only benefit from this information if you know how to put it to good use. For every business, resources are key to their survival, and one of the most important resources is data. You can use analytics to draw insights from data so that you can make informed decisions that will promote your business growth.

It is crucial to make business decisions based on data. Data analytics can tell you about your customers’ needs and even whether your business is on the right track towards achieving its objectives. This way, you get to identify the areas that you can improve on.

Let’s look at the various ways through which analytics can promote business growth.

Helps you set feasible targets

One of the things that gives your business a sense of direction is the goals you have set to achieve. You are in danger of setting unrealistic targets if you do not have the correct information. That is why you need data analytics so that your goals do not change as time progresses.

Using analytics, you can examine historical data, and from this data, you can identify trends and patterns. This will give you a clear idea of what your targets should be and whether they are achievable. With analytics, you can also identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that can lead to business growth.

Helps you plan your business expansion

Sometimes your business maybe doing well, and you feel the need to open up a new branch in a different location. You must have kept data on your customers and how you do distribution and delivery. With this data, you can come up with an expansion plan that is not built on guesswork but rather what you know.

You can use data analytics to create visualizations and dashboards, which can be vital in creating the plan. Online platforms exist that will enable you to generate data visualizations that can help you draw actionable insights. You can discover more here about these self-service platforms.

Enhances decision making

Every decision you make for your business will impact it in one way or another. That is why you need data to make informed decisions. Without data, you are likely to make bad decisions on pricing, managing inventory, and human resources.

Statistics show that business owners who make decisions based on data have recorded a significant improvement in the decision-making process. Using data analytics in decision making reduces the likelihood of making mistakes and lowers risks while also enhancing your profits.

It helps you identify the demographics of your customers

Ever since the introduction of social media, gathering information for businesses has never been easier. A large percentage of the world’s population has access to social media, meaning that collecting data is easier. You can use data from your existing customers and combine it with that gathered from social medial to identify the demographics of your customers.

Data analytics helps you study your customers and gain valuable information about them. The data can be about their age, consumption patterns, tastes, and preferences. This allows you to provide products or services tailored to suit their wants.

It helps you create an effective marketing campaign

With data, you can get information about whatever you need. Through analytics, you can study the competition and also learn a lot about your customers. You can use this information to pass the right message to the correct audience. This way, you avoid incidences of sending irrelevant information to your potential customers.

You can also make some changes to your branding to suit the preferences of your consumers. You can also identify the perfect tone to communicate with your customers, and know when to give out offers that can put you a step ahead of the competition.

With business analytics, you can gain a competitive advantage. You will understand what the competition is doing to know the right time to communicate offers. You will make decisions that are key to your business growth.

Analytics helps you become more personalized

You can use analytics to segment your target customers into various groups. This way, you get to send relevant content to each of the groups. Having personalized communication is crucial as customers will receive information on only the things they have interests in. Analytic tools can help you personalize your marketing content like that of email marketing.

Analytic tools can analyze searches made on your website. You will then find out what those who make the searches need. Once you know what your customers’ needs are, meeting them will not be much of a challenge.

Helps lower costs and increase revenue

With analytics, the majority of the decisions you will be making at your business will be data-based. You can reduce expenses and increase revenue as it will be easy to effectively use the available resources for maximum output. Studies indicate that businesses that have incorporated data-based marketing plans have recorded a reduction in expenses and an increase in revenue.

You can also use analytics to determine how effective the campaign you are running is. You can identify the areas that are doing well and the ones that are not. You can then decide whether to make changes to that campaign or completely do away with it.


Every organization collects lots of data daily. Collecting the data does not matter but rather what you choose to do with the data. Using data analytic tools, you can draw actionable insights from the data. You can use these insights to make decisions key to your business development. Employ data analytics and for sure your business will grow.