Top 5 Messengers for your Mac and Windows PC

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Windows PC Communication has become an integral part of one’s life. Without communication, you become distant from your friends and family. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay in touch with your friends and family. Now, it is physically impossible for you to be present with everyone at the same time. For that reason, there are various apps that help you to communicate with other people over the phone. Currently, you will find a lot of good Messengers for your smartphones. However, not many know that there are some excellent apps for PC and Mac as well, which you can use to communicate with other people. With these Instant Messaging apps, you can talk to your friends in various ways such as audio calls, video calls, texting, etc. Below, we will discuss some of the best Messengers for Mac and PC which you must try out. Instant Messaging apps are:

#1 FaceTime

FaceTime is a popular app built for iOS users and therefore, can be used by Mac users as well. With this FaceTime app, exclusive to iOS devices, you can video call your friends with a single click. The app is by default present in iOS devices. You can also download Facetime for PC. FaceTime comes with loads of features that make people use this app to talk to other people. To use FaceTime, you will have to simply sign in to your account, and then you are free to use FaceTime as your instant messaging app.

#2 Kik Messenger

Another popular Messenger is the Kik Messenger for PC and Mac which is available for free. Kik Messenger has astonishing features which make it one of the best Instant Messaging apps available for users. It supports multiple platforms because of which you can communicate with all your friends, doesn’t matter which device they are using. When you are using Kik Messenger, your data remains safe because Kik Messenger is hell-bent on keeping your data safe. Moreover, when you are chatting with someone, you can stay anonymous as well.

#3 Digsby

Another Messenger for Mac and PC making to the list is the Digsby app. Digsby app gives a unique experience to their users as through this app, you can put all the social accounts at one place. Moreover, you can also merge friends’ network accounts into a single account. Some of the best features of the Digsby app include the merging of the accounts, chatting with your friends, conversation history, sending an SMS, pop-up notifications, data sync, etc. Digsby supports a lot of social media platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thus, it is one of the best Messengers for Mac and PC available for you.

#4 Yahoo Messenger

Another Messenger for Mac and PC is Yahoo Messenger which is used by a lot of people as their Instant Messaging App for Mac and PC. With Yahoo Messenger, you can call and communicate with other people easily. The best feature of Yahoo Messenger is that you can make calls from your PC to a mobile phone. This is a unique feature of Yahoo Messenger which is not available in other Instant Messaging apps. It comes with a smooth and easy interface. On top of that, the app comes absolutely free for Mac and PC users. Thus, you must try this app at least once.

#5 iChat

iChat is another Messenger for PC and Mac which supports multiple protocols such as Mobile Me, ICQ, AIM, XMPP, etc. It comes with a lot of features which makes it one of the best instant messaging apps out there. iChat has an easy-to-use interface and runs smoothly on Mac and PC. Some of the best features of iChat are that it includes screen-sharing, remote presentations, video and audio chatting, iSight effects, conversation recording, etc. iChat is free to use as well, and thus, you can communicate with all your friends easily without paying for anything.


The above-mentioned apps are five of the best Messengers for Mac and PC which helps you communicate with your friends and family and makes your communicating experience better. You must try one of these apps and we assure you that you will not regret it.

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