How to find Deep Web Sites?

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Deep web is one of the hottest topics on internet and everyone loves to know more about it. Deep web is that part of the internet which is not indexed by Google or any other search engine. Accessing deep web requires proper privileges and knowing the exact URL to access it. You cannot access it through search engines because these sites won’t be reachable through search engines. There is a different way to find such deep web sites and below are some of the useful ways to retrieve deep web sites.

Deep Web Databases

Using the deep web database is the best way to find any deep web sites. Now you cannot access deep web sites using normal search engine but you can retrieve deep web content by looking at the deep web databases and find out which databases contain such websites. First you need to find out the databases such as hip hop database or wildlife database and access its URL, once you find the databases then you can enter the type of websites that you would want to explore and it will result out deep web website links that can be accessed by you.

You can also make use of specialized databases or libraries online that will keep links of deep websites. Researching or scrolling the public library or academic library can also be a good way to start finding few deep web sites or links Internet archive project also stores information about deep web links and even provides few information how it works as well.

Use TOR Network

Deep web cannot be accessed through normal search engines available but instead it requires use of specialized browsers such as TOR (The Onion Router). This browser was designed by US navy to transport drugs but since then it has become a common area by which one can access deep web content.

TOR is a free software open source so you don’t have to pay for any access so you need to be careful while accessing any of the links on TOR. TOR can be downloaded easily and doesn’t require many resources to start as well. It is also used by many deep web users to protect their system security and you need to be careful while accessing any information through TOR.

TOR also contains a network where one can find a lot of deep web sites. You can browse through TOR and try to search for surface web communities and links that are not accessible through TOR. You can search for hidden wiki links or search especially for the information that is not there on search engines or hidden completely.

Deep Web Chat on TOR and talk to netizens

There is a way by which you can socialize on TOR using deep web chat. Any of the internet links that you access is not completely safe but you can use onion router chat option to discuss with other deep web users in order to find any of the information related to deep web sites. Chat is an anonymous real time chat with no JavaScript required to browse through the chat or discuss with any one. Many times people like to keep a track of website and if possible few of them might be using deep website. You can request for a link or try to find out latest links or information that can be accessed on deep web.

Read TOR or Deep Web Wiki

Another way to access deep web site is by going through the web wiki pages that speak or discuss about deep web content and sites. You can go through the page and see if you are able to find any relevant content to your access. Deep web sites and TOR network provides a wiki page which is hidden usually from normal internet users. It may be difficult to find such information usually therefore accessing wiki can provide you lot of deep web sites depending on your requirement. You can also post questions to the deep web users or explore other wiki pages for retrieving deep web content.

Safety First before accessing Deep Web

If you are curious to access deep web sites then first of all you need to keep your system intact and include all the relevant security settings in your system. Using a Linux system for accessing deep web is a good protocol because Linux or UNIX systems are very secure and don’t have possibility of getting a virus attack. It could be difficult to find deep web sites but the first thing you must do is to install a good antivirus and secure your system.

The Bottom Line

Accessing deep web sites is tedious task but you can use above mentioned options and try to find deep web databases that store deep web links and website URLs.

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