The link between Hosting Services and Websites.

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Hosting Services One of the most crucial questions to answer when creating a blog or website is “which is the best hosting service?” A good hosting service is essential to your online work as it will store and give access to any potential viewer around the world. In other words, the hosting service you use will provide your virtual address coverage globally.

It has to guarantee that whatever is on your website or blog is accessible to customers to go through the various pages. Keep reading to understand why you need a good SEO hosting Company, the connection to a website, and its impact on SEO.

Investing in Website’s Performance Hosting Services

If the pages on your website perform at a greater level, so will the visitors. Thus, your investment in efficiency and speed will push your revenue higher. Online success equals performance. You have minimal time to get your reader’s attention before they leave and never return. If the site takes a long to load, you will lose visitors/clients.

The effect of your site’s performance alters the position of your site by search engines. Slow loading means few visitor experiences, influencing your rank on Google metrics.

A good performing website has a positive impact on the Company, such as:

  • The Company better placed to compete with their competitors
  • The credibility of the brand is increased as well as revenue
  • If the websites are optimized, the Company gets more visibility.

Remember, a wrong website can bring down a business.

The connection between Websites and Hosting Services.

A host creates an environment where all the files and data from a website are stored. They are then made available to any visitor on the site. The types of hosting include:

Free hosting-some companies offer free services for the first projects that don’t require much input

Shared hosting-it’s commonly used and recommended for a variety of sites. The services have various resources and are affordable. However, be on the lookout for sharing your server with spammy websites and emails. When the search engine penalizes that host, the penalty trickles down to every site hosted.

VPS– This means Virtual Private Server and is the best for larger projects.

The primary function of hosting is to ensure the website performs highly. Some of the features to note are:

Assistance-it’s essential as most business owners have less technical knowledge.

Uptime-How long is the website on air. To avoid users’ discontentment, some hosts offer 99.99% uptime. Downtime is always caused by the host, and it could be faulty hardware, breach of security, an overloaded server, or others. Find out what your host offers because a day’s downtime can result in your site being flagged by Google.

Security– Whether physically or virtually, security is everyone’s priority. Look for a host with an SSL security certificate, and their reviews show a highly secure service.

Relationship between SEO and Webhosting

The loading time, security, uptime, and all others, as mentioned earlier, reflect on the SEO. Hence, the hosting service you use directly impacts your website’s positioning on Google. Some factors to consider include:

Performance: If your web page loads fast, the SEO will be at an advantage too. Your business will also rank higher than your competitors. Slow loading pages are penalized while faster ones, within seconds, are boosted in the search results.

Security-Search results are affected by website downtime, quality of security of the servers, and the security certificate.

UX: When your site gains a lot of traffic that converts to sales, that’s great news for Google. Your site is ranked highly in the searches.

As you browse for a hosting service for your Company, check its performance, security, and whether it has free, shared, or VPS services. The host you choose should have a very low downtime as it will directly affect your page ranking.

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