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Temp mail are a few websites you want to access just temporarily, and you do not trust them. You have no plans to use them on a continued basis. That is exactly where you would not want to share your genuine email address. However, you need an email address for registering and viewing the content. That is where you would use a Temporary Email service. Quite helpful as a throwaway email account, it can double up as a capable security measure to safeguard your primary email account.

Let us check out the best Temp Mail services as they are also known as and explore them a little.

Top 5 Best Temp Mail services you can trust

Temp mail accounts are also known as disposable email addresses and temporary email redirect services as well. They can be quite helpful when you are forced to subscribe to an unknown newsletter that you really do not want to follow. In fact, it is one of the best anti-spam measures you can opt for if you want your primary email address to stay clean.

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Here are a few excellent options for the temp Mail services.


This can be an excellent option for using as a disposable or temp mail account. All the emails received in the inbox get deleted in just under an hour. You can choose an alias of your choice and a domain. What makes it an excellent option is it does not need any sort of registration to use the services.


It should be the best as you do not need to clear your inbox as it gets cleared automatically. The email service also lets you compose emails and send them to your contacts. The 60-minute expiry of the emails can be a concern for some of you, but the purpose of the email service is to provide you with an easy and simple way t use disposable email service, and it handles the job in a perfect manner. 


True to its name, it does the best what it claims to. It is a public disposable email service. That would mean if two people configure the same alias and email address, both of them will receive the same set of emails. That should be a concern concerning the privacy you would be looking for. So, we advise you to use it strictly for temp mail purposes alone and not for any of your personal communication.


However, we liked one of the features provided by the service. It lets you change the domain frequently and make use of multiple domains on a single account. Like GurillaMail, the emails stay in the inbox for not more than  60 minutes.


When you are looking for the best temp Mail service or a disposable email option, Mailinator has always been a clear leader in the industry. Treated as the most favourable and reliable disposable email service, it has been one of the favoured options in spite of a few limitations. What makes it an excellent option is it lets you choose any of your favourite domains for the temporary email address you want to create.


Mailinator is a public disposable email service, rack mount case and the contents of the email are available in public. The emails received are self-destructive and can be an excellent option to sign up for the less reliable websites and services that you do not trust anymore. The paid options are also available for getting your own domain, API access and enhanced privacy.


Nada is yet another excellent option for a disposable email service and can be a perfect option for your temp mail requirements. It was earlier known as Airmail and was one of the favoured options. The service works in an excellent manner and provides you access to the best possible option for creating a random email address. You will find your emails being visible in your online browser inbox.

Temp mail

The service offers you an easy to use activation option and does not need you to provide any sort of usernames or passwords. It can be your best option for signing up for the website services that you are looking to use just for a one-off occasion. It provides you access to a permanent, temporary email inbox to use with your disposable email requirements. You can create multiple aliases and domains and use them as per requirement and remove them based on your usage needs.


The name should tell it all! The temp mail service should be a great option for signing up for the services like signing up for a website for someone- of usage requirements. The email address scraps itself after just about ten minutes. Of course, you have an option of extending the timer through the settings or refresh it if you need the mail for more than ten minutes.

Do note that the email address will be non-existent in the next ten minutes and if you want to use the service again, you will have a new address using the service. You can use the service temporarily for signing up for a website or if you are trying to check out the new service. The ease of use and privacy levels are what should ideally make it a perfect option for most of your needs.

In Conclusion

Well, those were just a few of the best temp mail services you can use for your privacy and security concerns if you are checking out a new service or signing up for a non-reliable service. A temp mail service can be an excellent option in cases where you do not want to share your primary email address with the services and websites. In fact, they help you ensure anonymity while using the untrusted websites or the services you are looking for a one-off usage.

We assume the list of options in this compilation should be helpful in more ways than one and let you make your online privacy and security a prime concern. Check them out and share your thoughts with us.


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