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Sniffies App Making friends is a part of the basic nature of human beings because we all know very well that a human being is a social animal and he is always connected to society but it is important to have suitable time to make friends but in today’s situation In this fast-paced life, it has become a bit difficult to find friends as per your wish and make friends with them, but in today’s era of social media, we find many friends but it becomes very difficult to meet them and to solve this problem, There is such an app available on Play Store through which you can find your favorite friend and make friendship with them and you can also meet them because this app is a dating app and in this app, like you guys, after friendship, you can start dating. It has been created only for people who believe so that you can make friends and meet your new friends through this app, whose name is Sniffies and today we will give you complete detailed information about the Sniffies App. So, you guys stay in this wonderful article till the end and read it carefully so that you can understand it completely in one go, so let’s start knowing about it now.

What is Sniffies App? 

Through this Sniffies App, you can make friends with those people who believe in dating like you and live near your location, and by automatically seeing the profile picture, you can like the friends as per your wish and make friends with them. can

This is also an advanced version of a social media app that is designed for dating and through this app you can also create romantic relationships. It is very easy to make friends through this app, which you will learn in this great article.

This app is available in both Android and iOS and you can download it through Play Store and take advantage of it absolutely free, like you use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, absolutely free.

How to download the Sniffies App

To download the Sniffies App, you have to first open your mobile’s Play Store and go to its search bar, and search Sniffies App this app will be shown at the top of Google Play Store and you can download it safely from there. can do

And when you download it, you can install it on your mobile by clicking on it once. This is very easy and you must have downloaded and installed many apps, so you can also install it in this way. Can download and install

Sniffies App Information

App Name = Sniffies

Function = Dating App, Social App,

App version = 1.0, 4.4 Android

App size = 7.9 MB

App Rating = 4.5 Star 

This is a safe app and you can use it safely

How to register on the Sniffies App

The process of registration in the Sniffies App is also very easy, you can register with your email ID and mobile number because we have already told you that this is a dating site, so when you complete your registration process on it, then a Make sure to use a good DP because people look at DP first to connect with each other and its registration process is also very easy but still we tell you some steps for registration.

Step 1: First of all, open this app and click on the registration option.

Step 2: Now you will be asked to fill in your full name, address, mobile number, email ID, and date of birth, fill it in correctly and you will also be asked to create a password. You can also create a good password

Step 3: Now you will receive an OTP on the mobile number that you have entered in it. You can verify your mobile number by entering that also.

Step 4: Now the submit button will be showing in front of you, you can open your account by clicking on it.

Now your registration is done on Sniffies App. Now you can start using it by adding your attractive DP. 

What can you do on the Sniffies App? 

Almost everyone will be interested to know about it, so first of all you people should know that this app has been created for the purpose of dating, so you can make friends with the people around you by using this app.

The option of chatting is also given in this app, so you can talk interesting things with your friends through chatting and the option of live chat is also available in it.

In this too, a friend request is sent and it is accepted, so you can send a friend request to whoever you want to be friends with and if you get a friend request, you can accept it.

And just like you upload your photos and videos on Facebook or other social media platforms, in the same way, you can also upload photos and videos in this app and share it with your friends.

And this Sniffies App also allows you to hide privacy, you can keep your name and address hidden for as long as you want until you are confirmed that your friend is the person you want.

And in this app, you can also create groups in which you can add your friends and can also send notifications to new people to join the group and you can also join other groups as per your interest.

When your friendship becomes good with your new friend, then you can also date your friend and enjoy live chat along with it.

Now we hope that you people would have known the complete information about Sniffies App in detail.


In this wonderful article, you people have learned complete detailed information about the Sniffies App and in this article, we will tell you about everything from downloading this app to registration and what all you people can do in this app. Let us tell people in complete detail and hope that you people would have enjoyed knowing about this app.

And you people are reading this article on and we have written more articles full of good information for you on our website, you must read them too and read this article carefully till the end. thank you, guys, very much for

And how did you like this special information about the Sniffies App? Do tell us by commenting so that we can keep bringing such great information for you.


 1. What is Sniffies App?

This is a social media dating app

2. How much will one have to pay to use the Sniffies App?

It is absolutely free and you will not have to pay any charge to use it

3.  How to date on Sniffies App?

First of all, you will make friends with new people through the Sniffies App and when your friendship becomes solid then you can date your friend.

4. How to download the Sniffies App?

You can safely download this app from the Play Store

 5. Is Sniffies App safe?

This app is completely safe but good and bad people are present everywhere, so before dating, you should get to know each other well, only then date and meet at a safe place only.

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