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What is smartjailmail and how it works? uses a secure and also safe and secure two methods electronic messaging software program made especially for interacting with prisoners and inmates in correctional institutions. This permits those who are put behind bars or restrained to connect safely as well as rapidly with family and friends outside of the prison, jail or detention center. They can send as well as obtain electronic letters utilizing a safe and also safe computer system kiosk or tablet computer-based in their organization. Each message costs simply 50 cents which is more affordable than a postage stamp and envelope. The message can be sent with shipping paid as well as will be cost-free to open and check out for the recipient. Or, the message can be sent out collect/ “COD” completely free and will certainly be paid for by the recipient. After signing up on you have to search for prisoners or inmates you want to communicate with. You have to provide their appropriate address and details. The moment you find the correct inmates you need to send the connection request to them, when they accept your request you can start your communication.


What are the Features of smartjailmail


Secure System: Smart Jail Mail is a protected system where prisoners can call their relatives and also relative can safely call their prisoners. All you need to do is, Sign up for clever jail Mail and also search for Any convict you want to speak to and send out the demand.

complete monitoring: is an entirely kept track of website. Where every interaction is First sent out via a collection of scans For defined search phrases. All the Temp mail are kept for each prisoner as well as they are searchable by company staff at anytime or any location.

Very affordable – in smartjailmail each message costs around 50 cents which is even cheaper than recharge and postcards.

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Removes contrabands – Due to complete tracking and monitoring messages smartjailmail reduces all the security concerns like secret communications and threat messages.

Easy and convenient – smartjailmail is totally digital process and does not require any paperwork and appointment to talk with prisoners which makes it a fast easy and secure way of communication.

Multi compatible – the smaartjailmail is a multi-compatible portal which means it can be accessed on all devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Smartjailmail also has its official mobile application for mobile usage.

Connects family and friends – connects friends and family with prisoners, inmates, as well as detainees in correctional institutions through a simple internet communications system. When utilizing you can connect in simply minutes as well as correspond each day in close to actual-time instant interaction with your loved ones.

How to Register on smartjailmail

Smart Prison Mail is an online communication site created by the inmate link portal. Any individual who has an existing account at Smartjailmail can check by visiting the official site or its mobile application. Once logged in the customer can get to a large range of details that is accessible in their account login.

Registering for an account on is extremely simple and completely complimentary.

You just need to follow the given steps carefully.

Step 1 Open and click sign up on the top right corner.

Step 2 You will be asked to provide a username and password to recognize your account.

Step 3 – And you also require to give some personal contact details.

Step 4- A confirmation email will certainly be sent to your e-mail to confirm as well as activate your account and it is a completely free process.

Log in process on smartjailmail


Smart Jail Mail Login is just one of the most important steps you need to perform to communicate with your inmates. If you have an existing account at the Smart Prison after that you can check it online to access the account. Once logged in the user can get full access to their account in order to check out account features.

Nonetheless, if you have not yet established accessibility to your account you can sign up for an account at the official website of Smart Jailmail.

First, you have to open your browser and go to the official website of smartjailmail and then complete the following steps for login.

Step 1 – click login which exists at the top right corner of the site.

Step 2 – On the Smart jail mail login web page, Give the information you have provided when signing up for wise Jail Mail.

Step 3 – Click login and you will certainly be directed to the website.


How to reset your password on smartjailmail


Here is the step-by-step guide on how to reset your lost password on smartjailmail.

Step 1 If you have actually lost a password then you need to visit the official website  Smartjailmail.

Step 2 As the page opens you will see the login section at the center.

Step 3 Look listed below now you can see the ‘Forgot Password?’ weblink below.

Step 4 Click on it as well as you will be driven additionally to a new page.

Step 5 Give the correct username or e-mail after that click on the ‘Send Reset Web link’ button below.

Final verdict

Smartjailmail has revolutionized interaction in prisons. And has successfully attained to develop a protected channel of interaction with the outside world. It has actually promised security, privacy and also has actually removed contraband at an unimaginable size. as soon as any jail is log in to gmail login, it suggests that surveillance is achieved in any way expenses.

This electronic messaging system for communicational facilities Has lowered the threat of contraband in Prisons as well as additionally boosted communication with family members as well as The facility authority With the jail prisoners.It  Is also a more reliable and fast process for sending emails to inmates at extremely affordable costs.

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