Mirai INTEX: Leading the Green Wave in Cutting-Edge Refrigeration

By Tyler Damon

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Mirai-intex.com introduces Mirai INTEX as a trailblazer in sustainable refrigeration, reshaping the industry through cutting-edge engineering technologies. Founded in 2015, this Switzerland-based company, featured prominently on Mirai-intex.com, set out with a visionary goal to revolutionize refrigeration for climate protection. This article offers an in-depth exploration of Mirai INTEX’s journey, tracing the genesis of its green technology, advancements in air cycle technology, the strategic hub in Brno, Czech Republic, and the overarching vision of a greener future.

Genesis of Green Technology

Mirai INTEX responded to pressing environmental concerns, including stringent industrial equipment and refrigerants regulations, by founding the company in 2015. With a commitment to sustainable practices, Mirai INTEX aimed to develop refrigeration units operating on natural air, eliminating the use of harmful fluorinated gases. This commitment to eco-friendly practices underscores Mirai INTEX’s mission to minimize the ecological footprint associated with traditional refrigeration processes.

Mirai INTEX’s journey, represented by its digital presence, stands as a testament to the importance of adopting sustainable practices in the refrigeration industry.

Advancements in Air Cycle Technology

Its revolutionary air cycle technology is at the heart of Mirai INTEX’s success. The company has consistently pushed the innovation boundaries since the launch of its first unit. The result is a series of refrigeration solutions that excel in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness within the ultra-low-temperature sector. Mirai INTEX’s commitment to advancing air cycle technology positions it as a frontrunner in pursuing sustainable refrigeration solutions.

Mirai INTEX’s ongoing advancements in air cycle technology signify a paradigm shift in the refrigeration industry. By striving for innovation, the company continues to set new benchmarks for efficiency and eco-friendliness in refrigeration technology.

Strategic Hub in Brno, Czech Republic

Mirai INTEX’s managing office and production facility are strategically located in Brno, Czech Republic. This choice symbolizes the company’s holistic approach to reducing the human impact on the environment throughout production. The selection of Brno as a strategic hub emphasizes Mirai INTEX’s dedication to being a leader in green technology.

The decision to establish its hub in Brno reflects Mirai INTEX’s commitment to sustainability that goes beyond the final product. It signifies a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility, shaping the entire production process with eco-friendly practices.

The vision of a Greener Future

Mirai INTEX’s vision, as portrayed on its digital platforms, is about seamlessly integrating industrial processes with environmental responsibility. In addition to providing environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions, Mirai INTEX is part of a worldwide effort to make the world a better place. The company’s commitment extends beyond business objectives, portraying a genuine desire to catalyze positive change in the industry’s approach to environmental responsibilities.

Mirai INTEX’s vision is not just about technological solutions but also about fostering an industry mindset shift. The commitment to a greener future extends beyond the digital domain; it’s a part of the company’s DNA, shaping decisions and actions at every level.


Mirai INTEX’s ongoing journey, setting industry standards for innovative and sustainable refrigeration technology, reiterates that the future of cooling is not just efficient – it’s Mirai. The fusion of innovation and sustainability shapes a tomorrow where refrigeration aligns seamlessly with environmental responsibility, setting a new paradigm for the industry.

As we navigate the landscape of Mirai INTEX’s commitment to sustainability, we find more than just a digital presence; we see a dedication to pushing technological boundaries and a vision for a future where refrigeration is necessary and a positive force for the environment. Mirai INTEX invites stakeholders to join a journey towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

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