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The hidden phone number 02045996879 intrigues and worries people. Stories concerning the enigma vary from a hilarious Department of Surprises and Delights to fraud warnings. People want to know more. Unexpected acts of generosity, telemarketers, and an AI safety company’s true mission shift this story’s course.

After hearing these experiences, we would like to know whether anybody should contact 02045996879. The diverse perspectives that make up a tale beyond the data include communication, trust, and how things change in the digital era.

The Mysterious 02045996879 Number


The weird number 02045996879 appears too excellent to be true. At first, I didn’t know what the person on the other end of the wait would be like.

A cheerful voice said I had reached the Department of Surprises and Delights. The voice asked me three questions to construct my surprise profile so they could tailor my experience before I could ask any questions.

The questions were:

1.What would you master immediately?

2. Where would you go right now?

 3. What’s your favourite hobby?


I answered inquiries because I was curious. After that, the speaker informed me my bespoke surprise was based on my replies. After some time, they told me they had contributed $25 to a charity for one of my hobbies and sent me a little gift related to one of the areas.

My Experience Calling 02045996879


After reading nasty online reviews, I was afraid to contact 02045996879. I’m sorry. I decided to experiment alone to see what happened.

The Call

 I inhaled deeply and called the number on my phone. This woman answered the phone after a few rings and appeared friendly. A customer service line director introduced herself to the crowd.

1.  She asked me some basic questions about myself and my interests. I didn’t say much since I didn’t know why she phoned.

2. Her next question was if I had any recent company experiences, I could discuss. I said no when asked whether I had spoken to any firms lately.

3. After a little pause, she thanked me for my time and said she had no more questions today. I asked if she could tell me why and for whom she was calling. She replied politely that she couldn’t provide additional information.

I wanted to know what to do after the call. The woman’s voice was pleasant and efficient. The ambiguous call frightened me since it didn’t provide me with facts. I suggest giving criticism directly to your business partners rather than contacting 02045996879.

What I Heard When I Called 02045996879

Unfortunately, you called the unknown number, 02045996879, hoping to learn more. Because I took a risk and called, I did the following:

A Recorded Message: I initially heard a pre-made video when I phoned. After reaching a mailbox without messages, a woman’s voice told me I hit that folder. I couldn’t find a clue to explain this unusual number.

Options to press 1 or press 2: After the initial message, the recording offered me two options, press 1 for a priority list or 2 for a general mailing list. I didn’t choose either option since I didn’t want my details on undesired contact lists.

A Prompt to Enter My Phone Number: When I couldn’t decide, the message changed and requested my 10-digit phone number. This point sent up alarms in my head. I ended the call without saying anything.

Don’t provide personal information to someone you can’t verify. I advise against calling 02045996879 or following instructions if you need to submit crucial details. Since the purpose of this phone number needs to be clarified, contacting it again might be harmful.

Who Might Be Behind 02045996879?


  • Prank Callers:-


Despite being unlikely, 02045996879 may have been youngsters fooling around with you. Most prank calls are harmless, but they may be bothersome. Don’t answer calls; hang up.

If you keep receiving scam calls from this number, report it to the police. After a one-time call, hang up to prevent tension.

  • Scammers:-


Unfortunately, scam artists utilize bogus phone numbers to seem more trustworthy. People posing as IRS agents, tech support scammers, and prize winners are common frauds.

Never give someone money or personal information over the phone. Avoid persons who ask for personal information like social security numbers, account numbers, passwords, and others without your consent.

  • Telemarketers:-


To protect their identities, telemarketers utilize bogus phone numbers. Telemarketers may change numbers from anywhere, but 020 callers are in London, UK. If someone phoned to sell you anything, they may have been a salesperson.

Ask to talk to a supervisor and report the number as a bogus advertising call—details about the product or service they were selling.

Should You Call?


Contact them if you wish to know more about this unknown number or Anthropos’s essential work. Naturally, there are several considerations:

Please be nice. Always remember that the caller is genuine.

Questions that can be answered. Try to communicate about their work and AI safety engagingly.

Do not provide personal information. Anthropic may seem like a decent organisation, but be wary of unsolicited calls for personal information.


The issue is whether it was the thrilling secret espionage agency or the secret government agency you assumed it was. Despite the lack of international drama regarding 02045996879, little things like a weirdly inaccurate number may make your day better and happier.

Call that number if you wish. It’s impossible to tell, although your experience may vary from mine. You’ll at least have a hilarious tale to say to your pals while drinking. We could all use more laughs in these times.


 What is the Department of Surprises and Delights?

 You will get a fun number that may provide unique things like charity donations based on your preferences.

Is it safe to call 02045996879?

 Be cautious. Events range from pleasant surprises to calls and frauds. Be alert.

Who might be behind the number 02045996879?

 Telemarketers, con artists, and Anthropic, an AI safety and alignment business, may be concerned.

What happened when someone called 02045996879?

 Everything from promotional calls asking for feedback and kind presents to odd automated calls requesting personal information.

Should I call 02045996879 to learn about Anthropos’s AI safety work?

 Yes, but be courteous, ask open-ended inquiries, and don’t reveal personal information—AI safety firm Anthropic.

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