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Every grown person in their lifetime has seen cartoons. Truth to be told, cartoons do not have any kind of fixed target audience. Because it is the most entertaining program. From a fully grown man to a 3-year kid all can be fans of cartoons. There are many fans worldwide of cartoons and animated movies. Cartoons are one of the most efficient tools which use colors and characters to communicate. Learning about senses can increase the mental and physical health in kids. Color is the most important factor of a kid’s mind. They can not understand the emotion but they can differentiate between colors.

Cartoons can benefit a child in various ways. It also has an educational benefit. Every parent should understand that a child sees the world in a very different way. They see the world as a fairy tale. A fairy tale can help a child to overcome all the problems in their life, and also helps to understand the complexity of life. Watching cartoons can also increase the power of imagination, which lets a child think out of the bucket. A cartoon or animated film does not only entertain kids, it also provides them a lot of education. Just like ‘The Little Mermaid’ the movie presents perseverance, love, determination, and purity of heart. Cartoons are full of positive messages. Few benefits of watching cartoons:

  • The cartoon can teach important life lessons

Cartoons show if your action is right or wrong. It can teach a kid that doing bad things can involve punishment, thus they don’t commit such things.

  • Helps children to understand friendship is important

In most of the cartoons, the characters have friends, who help him or he helps them. The character also helps people when they are in trouble. This gesture can help build a good character for a child.

  • Can improve a child’s speech and vocabulary

Cartoons can teach many new words to kids. Also if your child is watching cartoons in a different language from their mother tongue, they can start learning the new language and also can develop an interest in the language. When they listen to cartoons, they understand how to express their feelings, thus they develop speech.

  • Cartoon encourages imagination

Watching different cartoons with different storylines can increase imagination. It also helps children to remember better.

  • Can also help a child to learn educational stuff

In many cartoons, they teach educational things. They introduce kids with alphabets or numbers. It also introduces them with colors, shapes, and facts of life.

  • Enhances creativity

Watching a cartoon can help a child to increase creativity. Childs will be able to think of new ideas inspired from cartoons.

  • Relieves stress

It can often help kids to release stress. It makes them which releases endorphins, which can boost their immunity.

  • Help to learn different things

Watching a cartoon makes a child learn history, tradition, cultures, and mythology. It also teaches them kindness and compassion.

Now, today, it is possible that many of the old day cartoons are not streaming on TV, but they can make a great experience for a child. If you want to watch them, you can find them on kisscartoon It is a free streaming site, which offers thousands of popular animated television shows and movies. The site features U.S based cartoon movies. It is a site for those who enjoy cartoons and animated movies. One of the most important things is the site is totally free.

kisscartoon can be accessed from various devices such as computers, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, and mobile phones. They have HD sections for many cartoons and films. Oldest cartoons also have clear visibility and good picture quality. The website is also easy to use and handle, it allows you to binge-watch any of animated movies. It is operated by the Kiss anime network. The site was first hosted in Vietnam, they host the sites to different countries that do not enforce any copyright laws. The group also handles a site that offers pirated content.

As kisscartoon is a free site, it generates money from advertising in between the cartoon or the movie. Although using this site can invite a lot of risks. As this advertising and pop-ups is not controlled by a trusted network, it can also supply viruses to the device you searched from. It also has been reported that the site allows hackers to use visitor’s computers for cryptocurrency mining. However, the website did not take any steps to prevent these actions. So, whenever you are visiting the sites you should be extra careful.

Although  kisscartoon is not legal. They host all pirated anime and cartoons. That is why this website is forced to shut down frequently.  The site has been shut down many times. When one site is forced to take down, they use a clone version to keep the site working on a different server and different domain. Although there are many fake sites that are way more dangerous and harmful for your device.

However, now there are many affordable or free alternatives to kisscartoon These alternatives are legal, safe, and easy to handle with any device which has an internet connection. Such as:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime
  • Hulu
  • Cartoon network
  • Crackle
  • Comedy central

Few of these are free, others have monthly or yearly schemes. Once in a month or year, you have to pay the amount in terms of watching movies, web series, cartoons, animes. These websites or apps are safe to use and have many features.

Kisscartoon is the platform which has brought many cartoons and animes together free, for those who can not afford to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions. Although watching pirated content is illegal even if you did not download it. But the chance of facing criminal action is very low. But using an unprotected site can increase the harm to your devices. As they do not provide any protection, and there are many pop-ups, its easy for the virus to get into your device.