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Gogoanime or Animes as they are fondly called, are one of the movie genres that has no age barriers among its fans. They are liked by almost everyone while there may be differences in the subcategories that each group likes. One of the best options to get your dose of entertainment that is both relaxing and rejuvenating, the go go anime site is one of the best options to watch your favorite animated movies.

What makes GoGoAnime so popular?

Well, there are several reasons that would make GoGoAnime a popular destination for animation lovers. If you are stressed out by the end of the day with the hectic job schedules, the animation movies offered by Gogoanime New Domain can be quite soothing and help you rejuvenate. In fact, the Anime app website lets you watch the shows in full HD quality and also download them for watching them later.

You also have access to the GoGoAnime mobile site for an enhanced animation experience on the move. What makes it one of the hot favorites with anime lovers is the fact that it offers you creative stories, characters that are quite realistic, and a lot more. The stories presented have a unique character that helps you develop your imagination powers.

The best Features that GoGoAnime offers you

So, what has made GoGoAnime so popular? What are the specific features does the service offers you? Here is an insight into the best features that Gogoanime New Domain offers you.

  • You have access to several genres of movies and TV shows based on animation. Action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, game – you ask for the genre, and they have it.
  • There are popular series of animation titles that are updated on almost a daily basis.
  • If you are watching animations from another language, you can even opt for English subtitles.
  • There are a few titles that are dubbed into a language of your preference.
  • You can browse through the content and choose the shows and arrange them according to your preferences. The site lets you sort the shows in multiple categories some of them being to be watched, scheduled list, and new releases.
  • The service lets you download or purchase the titles from the site directly. You can even opt for subscriptions for watching a series as well.

How to Download GoGoAnime?

Well, downloading the movie series of your choice or using it should be quite simple and easy. Just make sure that you are visiting the official website of the Gogoanime New Domain as there are several clones being circulated over the internet and can harm your computer or even steal data.

  • Visit the official GoGoAnime website.
  • Choose the movie or the title you want to download or watch.
  • Click on the PLAY button to start playing.
  • If you click on the streaming video, you should be able to find the DOWNLOAD icon at the bottom row of the video clip.
gogoanime downloading
  • Click on it. You may get a few ads that you can either watch or discard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for downloading the show onto your device.

That does it! Just choose the target destination for the movie or the anime show and you are done. You can continue watching the show through streaming while the video is being downloaded.

Please note that while most of the videos are available for free streaming and download, a few of them may come with a price. Some series have the subscription model where you need to pay a subscription charge for the entire series.

You can scroll down and find the server you can use for streaming or downloading the show, series or movie. Ideally, the server is chosen by default by the website, but you can choose your preferred ones if you have any issues accessing the default server.

Is GoGoAnime Legal?

Now that using GoGoAnime involves streaming and downloading the video content hosted and created by multiple studios, one of the major concerns you will come across would be – Is it Legal?

Well, the site is legal. At the most, it can be stated that it is selling the legal titles illegally. If you are a user on the site and use it for watching or streaming the content from the website, you will not be punished. However, if there are any copyright issues, it will directly be answerable by the website owners.

However, if you download the copyrighted content and distribute it for commercial purposes, you too will be liable for the prosecution under the copyright violation acts.

Has GoGoAnime Shut Down?

There were a few rumors doing the round recently, and it was stated that GoGoAnime has shut down. However, they may have been the normal hiccups off working with a movie streaming service.

As we can see as of now, the site is working perfectly. Of course, the Android and iOS apps and the Windows app as they were available before could not be found. But, the site does work smoothly and lets you stream and download the content including the new releases without issues.

Is it safe to use GoGoAnime?

Well, the site, as with any other free movie streaming service, comes with ads. If you are not doing something intentionally by clicking on inappropriate ads, you should never be in any kind of problem. Take care of the popups and make use of a powerful antivirus system to stay safe from unwanted issues.

The website on its own has no issues, and our antivirus did not report any issues with the site. You can safely use the GoGoAnime site for streaming and downloading the content of your choice. Just make sure that you are not redistributing it commercial gains.

In Conclusion

That was all we have had about GoGoAnime and the services offered by the site. It is indeed an excellent option for watching or downloading your favorite anime content even on the go. Visit the site once, and if you are a true anime lover, you will never leave it again.

If you have used the site in whichever form, do share your thoughts and experiences with GoGoAnime with us.

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