How to take a screenshot on samsung tablet

How to take a screenshot on samsung tablet

Taking a screenshot has been one of the most important aspects one needs to work with almost every day. While Android has its own way of handling screenshots on your device, several manufacturers have developed a few different means of how to take a screenshot. Samsung is one of the extremely popular manufacturers for enhanced service quality and workmanship. But, have you ever given a thought to find how to take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet? Let us try finding out the steps in how to take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet easily.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Tablet?

Samsung has different tablet models and that would make it quite frustrating to find how to take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet. If you are wondering to find which method works best for taking a screenshot on a Samsung table, there is one method that works across all the Samsung devices alike.

Let us check out the best options for your needs and expectations in terms of how to take screenshots on a Samsung tablet.

  • Open the content that you are looking to take a screenshot for. You can screenshot practically anything on your screen that includes text messages, images, and even apps. Do note that some apps may not allow you to take screenshots.
  • Locate the Power and Volume buttons on your Samsung tablet.
  • Rest your finger on the power button. Do not press the button as yet, but simply rest your finger against the button.
  • Place another finger on the Volume Down button.
  • Press both the power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. If you have done it correctly, your screenshot will be taken and saved.

That does it. The screenshot is taken and is saved in your gallery. You can simply view the screenshots in your gallery and even share them with your contacts through social media services.

Any other method for taking a screenshot on a Samsung tablet?
Samsung devices come with a  gesture for taking a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy tablet. In fact, this is one of the popular methods for taking a screenshot on a Samsung tablet.

The Palm Swipe feature

One of the most commonly used options on the Samsung Galaxy tablets is the palm gesture that can be used for taking a screenshot on your Samsung tablet. It may or may not be enabled by default on your Samsung tablet. Check if it is enabled on your tablet, and if it is not enabled, you can enable it using the following method.

  • Go to the Settings app on your Samsung tablet
  • Scroll down and go to Advanced features
  • Under the Advanced features option, locate Motions and gestures
  • You should find the Palm Swipe feature here if it is available for your tablet model
  • Toggle the switch next to the Palm Swipe feature to enable it if it is not enabled already.

That does it and the Palm Swipe gesture is enabled for taking your screenshot on your tablet. Next time you want to take a screenshot, you will need to simply position your hand perpendicular to the screen and swipe it to take a screenshot. You may need to practice it a little until you get used to the functionality. You will need to opt for a karate-like chop on your screen.

The Edge Panel method

Most of the Samsung tablets come with the Edge Panel. In case your tablet comes with the Edge Panels, you can use it for taking a screenshot easily without any hassles. In fact, this method would be helpful in getting access to taking the screenshot at the touch of a button. That would make it rather less complicated than the other two methods.

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If you have an Edge panel on your tablet, make sure that you are on the Smart Select panel. To access it, you can opt for the following steps –

  • Go to the Edge panel handle and launch it.
  • Slide the edge panel until you reach the Smart Select
  • The screenshot functionality should provide you access to the option to take a screenshot.
  • Make sure that you are on the screen that you want to take the screenshot for.
  • Tap on the screenshot option and you are good to go.

That takes the screenshot and you are done!

Bixby to take your screenshot

If you are using the Samsung Digital Assistant – Bixby, it can also be used for taking your screenshot. The functionality works with your Samsung tablet if your Samsung tablet supports Bixby personal assistant.

Go to the screen that you want to take the screenshot on. Make sure that your phone is listening to you and say Screenshot or say,  take a screenshot. That should do it. Bixby immediately takes the screenshot and saves it in your gallery.

Use Google Assistant

Google Assistant resides by default on your Android tablet and that should include your Samsung tablet as well. You can simply summon Google Assistant on your device and say Take a screenshot. That should do it and your device will take a screenshot instantly.

You will need to ensure that you have enabled the screenshot option on your Google Assistant. The screenshot functionality needs to be enabled on Google Assistant and your Google app as well.

  • Go to Default Apps and choose Assist & Voice input
  • Turn on the option for Analyse onscreen images

On Samsung devices, you may need to check out the option for the Device Assistance app under Default Apps.

You will also need to change the settings for your Google Assistant and enable the use of screenshots.

  • On your tablet, summon Google Assistant and ask it to open Assistant Settings
  • Under All Settings, pick the options for
  • Enable the option for Use screen context.

Where can you access your screenshots on a Samsung tablet?

The screenshots taken on your Samsung Tablet can be quite simple and easy to access. If you are wondering where they are saved, finding it rather simple and easy.

Open your Gallery and pick the Albums option. You should be able to find the option for the Screenshots album. You will be able to manage your screenshots along with the regular photos.

Which of the methods outlined here do you like?

As you would be able to find from the above discussion, you will find that there are several options you would find rather impressive in helping you take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet rather effectively and efficiently.

Samsung Galaxy tablet does provide you access to several options that can be helpful in taking your screenshot on your tablet. The universal method used for taking the screenshot can definitely prove to be quite rewarding. On a Samsung Tablet device, you will find that the Palm Swipe feature is one of the excellent options for taking a screenshot for most of your needs.

The Closing Thoughts

Well, mastering the screenshots on a Samsung Tablet can prove to be a little difficult to handle. In fact, the fact that you have several options available at your disposal, it should be quite simple enough for getting access to a great performance ever.

Pick whichever method you want to go with and you will be able to find an excellent option for downloading your screenshot with ease. All the results offer you access to an enhanced experience ever. Go to the perfect option as per your preferences.

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