The Ultimate Guide to Screenshot instagram story

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Screenshot instagram story recently has introduced a feature wherein it is not much possible to screenshot Instagram story without the user knowing that they have been screenshot. So, can people see if you screenshot Instagram story? Taking a screenshot of an Instagram story is quite easy and if you can follow the steps properly, you can simply screenshot the Instagram story without letting the other user know.

Can you screenshot an Instagram story without being caught?

Instagram recently tested the feature where its users could find when an Instagram story was a screenshot. However, the feature has now been retired, and in sharp contrast to the other options such as Snapchat, you can screenshot Instagram story without being known by others.

The fact is that the Instagram story screenshot alert feature has been planned for retirement. The feature was introduced in 2018, where Instagram introduced a feature where it could alert a user when a follower takes a screenshot of their story. When a user takes a screenshot, a starburst icon will appear next to the username of the one who took the screenshot.

But, Instagram soon realized that Instagram users do not necessarily have any issue when it comes to the fact that someone has screenshot the Instagram story that they have created. Most of the Instagram users protested against this new feature and thus the feature was discontinued soon after. So, as of now, no one will know or get alerted when you screenshot an Instagram story irrespective of whom the story belongs to.

Why do you need to screenshot an Instagram story?

There can be several reasons why you would want to screenshot an Instagram story. While some of the reasons may be quite legal in a way, a few others may not be that legal.

You may want to buy something shown on the story and want to screenshot the Instagram story as a reminder. You may also look to save a story or a part of it as your wallpaper. You may also be looking to chat about the Instagram story and that is why you screenshot it.

How to screenshot Instagram Story?

There are several ways you can screenshot Instagram story. Whichever method you may use, it would be easy and the user will be alerted when you screenshot an Instagram story.

1. Screenshot Instagram story using the Instagram website

An Instagram website and a full-fledged version at that is something that the social media giant resisted for a considerably long time. But, today, Instagram has a complete and working website. The website does let you check out the profiles, feeds, posts, and even stories. The only feature you will find missing on the Instagram website would be that it does not have the Direct Message functionality.

Depending on which operating system you are on, you can use the default screenshot tool you normally use on the platform. You can even use any other third-party tool for taking the screenshot.

2. Use a screen recorder to screenshot Instagram story

The screen recorder tool can be yet another excellent option to screenshot Instagram story. You can use any of your favorite screen recorder tools and get access to an easy-to-use option to screenshot your Instagram story.

With the desired Instagram story recorded, you can take a screenshot or even edit it as per your requirements.

3. Does Instagram alert any other Screenshots taken?

Yes, Instagram does not alert when you take a screenshot of an Instagram story. But, if you use the screenshot of a disappearing phot or video in a DM chat, the original poster will be notified. In such a scenario, it would be a good idea to take a screenshot with your camera aimed at your screen.

In any case, you can use a moral conscience to decide if you really want to take a screenshot of an Instagram story or any other content. Do not use it for commercial purposes if the story or any other content dos not belong to you.

Your regular attempts to screenshot Instagram story will not be alerted as Instagram has already retired the feature. You can easily screenshot any content without getting caught. Just take care not to hurt the feelings and sentiments of the creator of the Instagram story. Either use the screenshots with due credits or make sure that you are using them for private purposes and not commercially.

The Concluding Thoughts

As of October 2020, the feature of the alerts and notifications sent to the users when someone takes a screenshot has been retired. You do not need to worry in any way about how to take a screenshot of Instagram Story. Your Instagram story screenshot will always remain a secret.

A few FAQs

Can you screenshot Instagram stories?

You can easily screenshot Instagram story without issues of any nature. The user will not be alerted when you screenshot an Instagram story. Instagram only alerts the user when you screenshot a disappearing photo or video.

Can you tell if someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram story?

Instagram recently tested the feature where it alerted the user when someone took a screenshot of the Instagram story. But, after the protest from the Instagram users, the feature has been retired. You will not get an alert when someone screenshots your Instagram story.

How do you screenshot on Instagram without them knowing in 2022?

Instagram has retired the feature where you can get alerts that the screenshot has been taken. The feature was tested in 2018. The feature was removed in 2020.

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