How to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues

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How to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues

How to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues is one of the most popular mediums we have been involved with. If you have been uploading YouTube videos and looking for some awesome music as the background for your videos, it may not be an easy task as such. Whether you are in the US or elsewhere, opting for commercial music for your videos may be something that may trap you into copyright infringement issues.

Why is it important to take care before you put music on your YouTube Videos?

There are several laws governing intellectual property rights and copyright infringement issues. If you end up using commercial 4shared music for your videos, you may be sued by the original copyright owner and your video may be taken down. If there is not a serious concern, the video may be stripped of the audio associated with it.

However, you may not need to worry. YouTube offers you several options wherein you can use commercial music for your YouTube videos without copyright issues. That would mean you can use the copyrighted music as background music for your videos, yet stay completely legal.

How to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues?

YouTube lets you use a considerably good list of commercially available songs from well-known artists around the world. You would be able to use the music subject to certain conditions. It also hosts an audio library that has plenty of free music and sound effects to choose from.

You should be able to find these sections under the Create Section under YouTube Studio.

Here is how you can find the copyrighted music you can use on your YouTube Videos –

  • Log in to your YouTube account. Make sure that you are using a desktop option for the purpose. The features will not be available on the mobile version or mobile app.
  • Click on your profile photo to get into settings.
  • Next click on YouTube Studio.
  • From the left side menu bar, locate the option for Other Features.
  • From among the options available here, choose Audio Library.
YouTube videos without copyright issues

This will launch a new tab with the options for Audio Library. Once you are here, you can create your music policies to use with your YouTube video.

  • On the left side navigation bar, choose to Create
  • Choose Music Policies.
  • You should find the restrictions concerned with the chosen song.
  • You can choose the song that best meets your requirements in terms of the restriction types.

What are the Specific Restrictions Types?

Each of the songs listed in the Music Policies comes with specific restrictions. These restrictions can vary from song to song or music to music. These will specify the exact standards or policies set by the creators of the MP3Skull for its use on YouTube.

Some specific options will include

  • The areas or regions where the music can be used.  The comment here shows the areas and specific countries where the video can be viewed. Examples include viewable Worldwide, viewable in xx countries, and other similar items. Choose the music depending upon the regions you want your video not to be taken down.
  • A note that says the ads may appear. This will mean that the owner of the music will put the ads in exchange for using the music in your video. If you do not want the ads appearing in your video, you will need to choose the free songs.
  • You may also happen to the notice. This song is not available for use in your YouTube video. Never ever use that sort of music. You will run the risk of your video being taken down or the audio getting muted.

Please note that just because you were able to use a particular MP3Juice in one of your videos does not necessarily mean that you will be able to use it elsewhere. You need to go through the same procedure once again to find the right kind of music for each of your videos. Moreover, the music owners may decide to revoke some of the permissions at any time.

How to get Legal Free Music on YouTube?

If you cannot find the kind of music you would want to or do not want to worry about the restrictions and their types – you can find some free music available under the same Audio Library. Here is how you would get access to it –

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Follow the same steps as in the above example till you reach Audio Library.
  • Choose the Free Music tab here.
YouTube videos without copyright issues
  • Click on any of the music files you would want to use and check out the restrictions for them.
  • Most of the music in this genre will not have any restrictions. You should find the option – You’re free to use this song in any of your videos on a good number of entries here.
  • Click on the Download icon beside the music and use it with your video.

How to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues In some cases, you may need to add a disclaimer. Copy the contents exactly and post them to your video description.

Apart from these options, you also have access to a few third-party alternatives for use with your YouTube video. However, we will not recommend opting for these alternatives. Not because we do not trust them. But since you are getting the best features from within the YouTube interface itself, we do not think there is any need for checking out any other options.

The Parting Thoughts

How to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues Well, those were a few options that can prove to be useful enough if you are looking for the options to put music on How to put music on YouTube videos without copyright issues. We have limited the scope of this post to the integrated options that YouTube offers its subscribers who want to upload music as a background to their videos. The third-party options have not been discussed here because not all of them may work in all scenarios.

Have you used any of the trustworthy options for the purpose? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in this aspect.

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