How to deal with Common sewing machine problems

By Tyler Damon

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A perfectly functional sewing machine can save a big amount of time and energy. If you are facing issues and don’t want to give up on your machine, by storing it in the basement, then this post is for you.

You will know tips to revive it, along with ending your perennial problems where you would have wasted lots of time and on the verge of losing your patience as well.

It is natural to face issues, but for a newbie, the problem looks bigger and deeper much to your anxiety. The best thing is that most of these problems are temporary and can be fixed at the comforts of home without a professional assistance. Let’s now take a look the problems and their solutions

My needle often bends or breaks

It’s indeed a nightmare to hear sudden whir sound coming from machine as it denotes that there are problems coming your way. Most of you unknowingly use the same needle for different fabrics which is a blunder. Reality is that they have needles as per their requirement. For example, you need sharp and sturdy needles for thick fabrics, while for basic garments, ballpoint needles will do. Ensure your correct choice in relation to the fabric you are using. It is equally advisable to store needless with you for emergency purpose.

My machine is skipping stitches

There are following possibilities:-

  1. Check the condition of needle:- If stitches aren’t regular, your needle may be slightly bent or broken and you haven’t even realized.
  2. Choosing wrong needle:- For example, If the fabric is thick and your needle is small or light, then naturally stitching won’t be perfect.
  3. Check the status / condition of thread:- If the thread isn’t coming at its normal speed like if it is too tight or too loose, then problem will arise. Check for the thread tension and make it normal
  4. Don’t force the fabric:- Many commit mistake of forcing the fabric, resulting in skipping. Ensure that you stick at the similar speed of the machine.
  5. Are you accidentally sewing close to zipper:- Sewing too close to zipper may well break or bend the needle and you realize it late. It is better to have needles, if you accidentally do it

Needles play the most obvious and important role in the machine and considering their excessive role and usage, you may need to replace them due to other reasons as well.

What if the machine stops all of a sudden?

There is a possibility that while using electric sewing machine slowly for a long time, it may stop due to overheating of motor. Don’t panic. Be calm and turn off the power and wait for 15-20 minutes and use again.

Final thoughts

Hopefully by now, you would have understood the fundamentals where common queries have been greatly addressed in length. Yes, mostly you don’t require a professional. It is equally important to oil your machine and keep it clean. After all, don’t you want to work for hours in a free manner away from any troubles? Yes, indeed

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