How to boost engagement with Instagram videos

Instagram Video

Video is paramount when it comes to engagement on Instagram. Instagram videos are more engaging than static photo posts. To get the most out of your videos and increase your Instagram account engagement, you must embrace video content and try new content formats. Instagram is pushing videos more than ever by highlighting user-created reels in its tabs.

In addition to creating reels, you can use your Instagram business account for live streaming, and uploading short animations to feeds and stories. Using animated graphics has the added benefit of being eye-catching and emotional.

By making video part of your Instagram strategy, you can engage with users who are waiting for something else to catch your eye. You don’t need to know how to edit a professional film to master video with IG. Like Instagram’s top influencers, small business owners can differentiate themselves by standing behind the camera and chatting like themselves.

Instagram Video Tips for Boosting Engagement

1. Create standalone content

On some social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can share videos to tease or promote your site’s content and encourage them to click to find out more. However, Instagram does not allow you to share links within posts. Yes, you can instruct people to click on your biography link, but Instagram visitors prefer to consume the content in the feed and keep scrolling.

Creating valuable content and sharing are the two types of most valuable engagement you can get on Instagram. Create content that users want to relink and share with their friends.

Creating eye-catching infographics is a great way to share useful tips and insightful facts. Create a visual breakdown of the step-by-step process or design colorful charts and graphs. Then use Instagram captions to provide more context. Alternatively, you can emphasize certain facts.

Create an Instagram carousel post if you have a lot of information that you want to emphasize at once while keeping the captions simple. You can divide the information into multiple graphics to not clutter the text.

Carousel posts are the most compelling type of Instagram post, so there are benefits to both sides. For this reason, all videos you create must be independent.

2. Use visually striking images

Instagram is a visual platform, and aesthetics are of paramount relevance, so make sure your videos include visually appealing images. You can use an effective Instagram Video Editor for an eye-catching Video effect.

Instagram users want content that looks great in their feeds. If they want to follow you and increase Instagram engagement, they need to know that you can consistently deliver high-quality visual content. The good news is that there is some kind of built-in “portfolio” in the profile, the Instagram grid. As the user scrolls through the grid, they’ll see brand graphics, images with additional filters, and more. You can also post images of similar colours side by side or create a quote graphic for each post.

3. Consider a colour palette

A consistent colour palette helps make your Instagram feeds and content stand out. Instagram feeds are an extension of your business or brand, so it’s important to choose a colour theme that matches your brand’s colours.

4. Create a weekly hashtag video series

If you want to post videos regularly, an easy way to create a calendar of video content is to create a series that posts a particular type of video on a particular day of the week.

5. Celebrate fun social holidays

Get inspiration from social holidays. Every month, there are lots of fun social days to celebrate, and if any of these social vacations resonate with the type of content you post on Instagram, it makes your posts fun and unique.

Start with a digital album template and personalize it to suit the social holidays you recognize. Celebrate calendar holidays and seasonal holidays, which are also great sources of inspiration. Create videos to wish your customers a happy holiday around the holiday season.

6. Use Instagram ads

Use the Ad Funnel by trying out conversion templates to create ads that reach your audience at different stages of the sales process.

7. Engage with Instagram users

A good brand reaction can encourage followers to re-engage in the future while at the same time creating a strong two-way foothold. Want to take engagement one step further? Be proactive and take the first step.

Comment on posts from accounts with similar audiences to give them follow-up exposure. You can also follow the relevant hashtags to find and comment on potential customer posts in your feed.

8. Use hashtags, stickers, and location tags

Add hashtags and location tags to your Instagram posts to make them easier to find. Your post may also appear in your feed if the user follows one of the listed hashtags. Both of these types of tags can easily increase Instagram engagement by placing posts in front of people who already have similar interests.

This is the best option to generate the right attention in the crowd without getting lost. Unless you tag your store to direct shoppers to your location, tagging a particular location can be too niche (although not a big goal).

City or community tags are great for creating good engagement and attracting new followers. Regardless of the type of business you own, this feature has the potential to facilitate brand engagement. Not only do people love stories, but Instagram also offers “stickers” that can increase engagement and add to the story for even greater engagement.

Whether your actual story content is video, photos, boomerangs, or engaging graphics, you can drag stickers to get more results from your content strategy.

9. Post when Instagram engagement is highest

Want to make sure you’re getting the engagement you want? Post consistently at the viewer’s preferred time of the day. No special analytical tools are needed to get the knowledge you need. Simply jump to the built-in Instagram Insights to see when and where your posts are performing best. Prioritize these times in your posting schedule and always post the most important news in the top slot.

Find out more about how to use Instagram Analytics to improve your brand’s performance.


If you’re using Instagram to boost your business, getting results is easy. Build Instagram engagement with your content, including by commenting, sharing, and saving.

High engagement can even help Instagram algorithms prioritize content. That means you can reach more suitable people and have a higher engagement rate.