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What is HMNow.com activate

watch Hallmark movies on smart TVs, you’ll need a special activation code. Alternatively, you may try Hallmark activate for 7 days for free, you will receive a special code,  then go to Hmnow.com/activate to input the 6-digit activation code to activate your smart TV.

What are Hallmark movies now?

Hallmark Movies Now is a subscription-based video streaming service dedicated only to movies. According to the website, you may watch movies from the Hallmark Hall of Fame collection as well as movies that don’t show on Hallmark’s networks. If you don’t really have access to cable, look out for the limited collection of unlocked shows that may be seen without joining in.

How to perform HMNow.com/activate  on your smart TV

step 1 Just go to the application shop or channel store on your smart TV.

Look for the app “Hallmark Movies Now.”

Download the app on your phone or tablet.

Open the “Hallmark” app on your smart TV.

Join in to your free or premium account for a free trial.

Select “Already a Member” from the drop-down menu.

To access the HMNow.com activation code, follow the instructions on the screen.

Now on any other device go to him now/activate.

Now enter the activation code and click on activate.

In this way, you can perform hmnow/activate process successfully. 

How to perform HMNow.com/activate on Xbox one?

The Xbox One version of Hallmark Movies Now is now accessible. If you have a Microsoft Xbox One, you may view the HM Now Movies channel by following these simple steps:

Step 1 You’ll need to go to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One device. Go to the search area of the application Store and type “Hallmark Movies” into the search box.

Step 2 Go to the search area of the application Store and type “Hallmark Movies” into the search box.

Step 3 Then hit the search option and choose HM Movies Now from the list of results.

Step 4 To install the app, go to the next page and click the Get button.

Step 5 You’ll need to launch the app after the channel has been successfully installed.

Step 6 After that, you’ll need to go into your Hallmark Movies Now account.

Step 7 Now go to HMNow.com/activate and enter the activation code.

You’ll be able to use your Xbox One device to access the channel after a successful login.   

How to perform HMNow.com/activate on Roku TV

step 1 First of all go to the Home section of your Roku smart TV.

Step 2 now visit the channel store and search for the Hallmark movies application and simply install it on your device.

Step 3 Now open the application ad log in to your Hallmark movie account.

Step 4 you will receive a six-digit activation code please note that.

Step 5 Now on the web browser search for  HMNow.com/activate.

Step 6 Enter your activation code and click on activate.

How to perform HMNow.com/activate on Apple TV

The new activation processes may no longer need the activation code. You’ll be ready to go after you’ve loaded the app on your Apple smart TV and logged into your premium account.

Step 1 First of all switch on your Apple Tv and go to the Apple store.

Step 2 Now on the search section type Hallmark movies and click on the search button.

Step 3 Click on the install button.

Step 4 Now open the app using the remote control.

Step 5 To access your account, click “Already a Member” and enter your login information.

Step 6 Make a mental note of the activation code shown on your television.

Step 7 Now, on your computer, go to www.hmnow.com/activate.

Step 8 Choose “Apple TV” from the drop-down menu.

Step 9 Enter the code for activation.

All set, by performing this process you will be able to use hmnow.com/activate streaming platform easily.

How to perform HMNow.com/activate on Amazon Tv/ Fire TV

Step 1 First of all go to Amazon TV or Kindle fire application store and search for Hallmark movies.

Step 2 Now install the application by clicking the download button.

Step 3  Now visit your channel store and open the hallmark movies application on the device.

Step 4 Now existing users will click on the Already a member option or if you are a new user click on the free trial option.

Step 5 now by using your login credentials sign in to the application.

Step 6 You will receive a six-digit activation code to copy it.

Step 7 On any other device go to hmnow.com/activate and enter the activation code which you have copied earlier.

Step 8 Now just follow some more steps which will show you as an instruction.

How much do Hallmark movies now cost?

If you’re looking to save money on your cable bill, a membership to Hallmark Movies Now is a better choice. You have two options: pay $59.99 for an annual membership, which is around $5 per month, or pay $5.99 per month and cancel at any moment.


To complete the activation, you must follow the instructions on your TV screen and on the internet. However, the procedure for activating Hallmark Movies Now varies from day today. If this method works for you or not, kindly leave feedback so that we may update it.

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