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What is tv/start tv/start is Many of you are facing problems while streaming youtube TV on your device. Then you always thought about why it is happening. However, let me inform you that you can easily play YouTube on your smart TV by just inputting the activation code. Many individuals don’t know how to get an activation code and activate it on tv/start. Well in this article I am going to discuss about tv. youtube tv/start activation on different devices. So let us carry on. 

What is youtube Tv?

You have probably heard about youtube applications. It is a video streaming application that has captured billions of users in the last few years. Youtube TV is an internet-based live television streaming service that offers premium content all over the united states. It can be accessed through various internet devices such as Apple TV, smart TV, desktop, and mobile Phones. tv/start  – How to activate YouTube on Smart TV?

Because most people aren’t aware of how to activate tv/start on their Smart TV, we’ve included instructions below. Users may activate their accounts at by entering the tv. tv/start code. Entering a code at is pretty simple. The instructions below will show you how to link YouTube to your Smart TV.

Step 1 First of all opens the youtube application on smart TV.

Step 2 On the left top corner click on the gear icon.

Step 3 After this you need to sign in. After that, you will receive an 8 digit activation code. 

Step 4 keep in mind do not close the tab till the activation process will complete.

Step 5 Now visit and sign in by using your userID and password.

Step 6 Now enter the activation code which you have received earlier   

Step 7 Now click on the allow access button.

After all these steps your tv/start account will be activated. Now you can enjoy unlimited premium content.

How to activate YouTube TV on Roku? – tv/start

Step 1 Make sure you’re connected to the internet through wifi.

Step 2 Then return to the main menu.

Step 3 Go to the Roku channel store and click on the OK button.

Step 4 Now search for youtube tv on the search bar.

Step 5 Select youtube and click on the ok button.

step 6  Select Add channel from the drop-down menu and click OK.

Step 7 Allow a few minutes to pass. Then go to my channels by pressing the home button.

Step 8 Now go to the tv/start channel and click on it. Choose the gear icon on the left side.

Step 9 Then sign in by filling out your login credentials.

Step 10 you will receive an 8 digit activation code.

Step 11  Now visit

Step 12 Enter the code and click on allow the process. 

How to enter activation code at – tv/start 

Step 1 First of all, open youtube on your smart tv.

Step 2 now sign in using our userID and password.

Step 3 After this your activation code will be displayed.

Step 4 Now open your web browser and go to tv/start

Step 5 next enter the activation code to connect your device.

Step 6 For connection verification click on the Next button.

This is the simplest method of activating tv youtube at

Activating YouTube on PlayStation3

Open the YouTube app on your PS3 and look for it. If this is your first visit, you’ll need to sign in using your Google account credentials. After you’ve logged in, go to and input the code there.

Step 1 Go to the sign-in option and click on settings.

Step 2 Now you will receive the activation code and save it.

Step 3 Now go to tv. youtube tv/start from your mobile or desktop device.

Step 4 Sign in using the Google account and enter the activation code on the required field.

Step 5 Now click on allow access.

Your tv. youtube tv/start account will be activated on the Playstation 3. 

Way to Activate YouTube on Xbox One – tv/start 

Activating youtube tv on Xbox one can be challenging for some people. If you are one of them, follow the below-given steps.  

Step 1 Search for youtube on the game store.

Step 2 Go to sign in and press x.

Step 3 You will receive an 8 digit activation code please note that.

Step 4 Now on the web browser go to tv. youtube tv/start.

Step 5 Sign in using your login credentials and enter the activation code.

Step 6 Now at the last click allow access. 

Activate YouTube on Apple TV

Step 1 Open your apple store and search for youtube and install it.

Step 2 Go To sign-in options and click on settings. 

Step 3 The application will send you an 8 digit activation code.

Step 4 Now go to tv/start on your desktop or phone.

Step 5 Now sign in with your youtube account and enter the activation code.

Step 6 After that click on allow access.

Great features of youtube TV

Countless hours of content are available at your fingertips at any time! Watch episodes the same day they air on television and browse Youtube’s extensive collection of vintage series.

It is compatible with Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay, allowing you to watch Benefits on all of your devices!

Users may access information that is free of advertisements. Users may now find videos without being distracted.


This short guide is all about tv/start and its activation. I hope you will be able to activate tv/start. If you still have any queries let me know in the comment section. Also share it with your friends and family. Fote more such amazing informational content keep visiting our website.  

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