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Download hungry shark Hey buddies! I hope you all are doing well. Are you guys searching for anything related to the Hungry Shark Evolution? Want to get any info about it? If yes, then my friend you have landed on the right page. Because this article is the only solution for all your problems related to this game. Here, we have made a complete guide about the game for you.

In this article, you are going to get so much information about the Hungry Shark Evolution game. You will learn about the amazing features of the game. Also, you will learn about the different Sharks of the game. So, just read the article completely and learn some amazing facts that every player should know before playing the game.

Download hungry shark

Hungry Shark Evolution is a 2D game where a player enters the game as a shark. He has to control that shark. Just feed your shark and upgrade its power and abilities. A player can select any shark, there are more than a dozen sharks provided for players.

In fact, there are several additional items also like Hats, jetpacks and other items that you can use to personalize your shark. You are going to enjoy a lot with Hungry Shark Evolution as there are a number of different and interesting levels included in the game.

Hungry shark evolution is all about consuming other creatures and make yourself safe from obstacles and dangerous creatures. You can also find mysterious creatures as well as sunken bonuses. Also, you can take part in events and win exciting prizes. So, just download the game and start enjoying it. It will give an amazing experience of marine life.


  • Name: Hungry Shark Evolution
  • Last Updated on PlayStore: July 10, 2019
  • Size: 100M
  • Current Version on Playstore:7.8
  • Required Android version:1 and later versions of Android
  • Ratings:5 stars ratings on Playstore.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk


  • The game includes more than a dozen different sharks for players.
  • Players can enjoy the open-world game both above and below the sea waves.
  • The game comes with amazing and realistic 3D graphics and amazing sound quality that increases the excitement in the players.
  • As you will go deeper into the ocean, you will get some mysterious creatures also.
  • To boost up your powers, you can recruit baby sharks.
  • You can easily sync your game across different Android devices.
  • You don’t need an Internet connection to play it. That means you can play is anytime and anywhere.
  • Events and tasks are there to take part in. And get a chance to win amazing prizes by winning them.
  • Move around in the ocean and find sunken objects that can provide you bonuses.
  • Get amazing and cool accessories for your sharks like hats, umbrellas, jetpacks, and lasers.
  • Intuitive touch controls and tilt controls are there to make the gaming experience better.

Hungry Shark Evolution – All Sharks

1. Reef Shark

  • Max Depth: 90 m
  • Maximum Size: 4m
  • Max Health: 75

2. Mako Shark

  • Max Depth: 150 m
  • Maximum Size: 5m
  • Max Health: 110

3. Hammerhead Shark

  • Max Depth: 200 m
  • Maximum Size: 6 m
  • Max Health: 150

4. Tiger Shark

  • Max Depth: 275 m
  • Maximum Size: 7 m
  • Max Health: 200

5. Great White Shark

  • Max Depth: N/A
  • Maximum Size: 10 m
  • Max Health: 300

6. Megalodon

  • Max Depth: No Limits
  • Maximum Size: 25 m
  • Max Health: 300

7. Dunkleosteus (Big Daddy)

  • Max Depth: NaH
  • Maximum Speed: 400
  • Max Bite: 400
  • Maximum Size: 30m
  • Max Health: 325
  • Maximum Boost: 400

8. Mosasaurus (Mr. Snappy)

  • Max Depth: No Limits
  • Maximum Size: 20 m
  • Max Health: 350

9. Alan, Destroyer of Worlds

  • Max Depth: No Limit
  • Maximum Size: 18m
  • Max Health: 500

10. Moby Dick

  • Max Depth: No Limit
  • Maximum Size: 45 m
  • Max Health: 900 HP

11. Liopleurodon (Leo)

  • Max Depth: No Limit
  • Maximum Size: 18 m
  • Max Health: 500

12. Plesiosaur (Nessie)

  • Max Depth: No Limit
  • Maximum Size: 18 m
  • Max Health: 500

13. Kaiju Shark (Sharkjira)

  • Maximum Size: 25 m
  • Max HP: 650

Special Sharks

  1. Electro Shark
    Special Power: Electric shock when using a boost.
  2. Ice Shark
    Special Power: It has Super Freeze Breath
  3. Robo Shark
    Special Power: It can turn mines into missiles.
  4. Pyro Shark
    Special Power: Dragon breath, flight, and Meteor storm
  5. Natasha the Narwhal
    Special Power: Javelin toss
  6. Ghost Shark
    Special Power: Invincibility, and teleportation
  7. Shackelton
    Special Power: It Absorbs the power of the secret lab shark.
  8. Wireshark
    Special Power: Moon rush, and extreme speed



1. What is Gulper in Hungry Shark Evolution?

In Hungry Shark Evolution, Gulper is a Fish like creature that can be found only in the deepest parts (in the cave of the Dart Board). They can be dangerous for your shark especially when you have not the Tiger shark or above breed sharks.

2. What is the Kempy Bass in Hungry Shark Evolution?

Kempy Bass is also a creature in the Hungry Shark Evolution. You can find them in the Kempy Cave which is located deep down in the right side of the provided map.

3. What sharks are in Hungry Shark Evolution?

  1. Reef Shark
  2. Mako Shark
  3. Hammerhead Shark
  4. Tiger Shark
  5. Great White Shark
  6. Megalodon
  7. Big Daddy
  8. Snappy
  9. Alan, Destroyer of Worlds
  10. Moby Dick
  11. Liopleurodon (Leo)
  12. Plesiosaur (Nessie)
  13. Kaiju Shark (Sharkjira)

4. Who made hungry shark evolution?

The developer of the Hungry Shark Evolution is Future Games of London Ltd. The same company initially released the game. But later on, it was published by Ubisoft in 2013.

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