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best ps4 games

PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly the best gaming platform that you can find at the moment. Nothing can beat the joy of playing your favorite games on the latest PlayStation 4. For gamers, PlayStation 4 is like another milestone and they can play with it for hours. But sometimes you do need the comfort of your PC for ps4 games, won’t that be amazing if you could play all your favorite ps4 games on PC? The good news is now you can play ps4 games on your PC via ps4 remote play. Though it can be technical go install and set up ps4 remote play, so here we are gonna tell you how to set up and play ps4 games on PC. Follow these instructions and you will be good to go! 

Here you get best ps4 games. 

  1. Install official ps4 remote play app.

The first thing you need to do is to download and install the official ps4 remote play for PC or Mac. After you have found and downloaded the remote play/installer, then simply follow the instructions given on-screen to successfully install the app.

  1. Update your PC to 3.50

Usually, you will automatically download the update with your ps4 setting. You don’t need to worry if that hasn’t happened to happen yet, you can manually trigger the update by going to the settings>system software update.

  1. Open PC remote play app and connect your dual shock 4 controllers. 

As many of the PCs and Macs offer to connect via blue tooth but Sony hasn’t offered this service for ps4 and you have to plug your PS4 controller into your PC via a USB cable. After doing so you can click on start. 

  1. Log in to your PSN account.

It is an easy process, after doing all the above formalities, you can open your PSN account and log into that. It will be the same as the main account for your ps4.

  1. App will search your ps4

It should be done automatically and it usually takes a few minutes to complete the process. However, if your PC is unable to search for your ps4 you can do it manually. The reason behind the inability to search for your ps4  is that it can’t be done via the internet if it isn’t registered as your primary ps4. And if it is completely powered off.

Make sure your PC and ps4 are on the same network. To do that, go on your ps4 setting>remote play connection settings>add device and enter the number provided on the remote play app.

Your PC is ready and will connect to your ps4 and you can start playing your ps4 games on your PC right away. 


Now all you need is a good ps4 game to play. Find the best game possible and spend your time treating yourself with ps4 games on your PC or Mac. We hope the above instructions would help you to set up your ps4 remote play and you will be able to play your favorite ps4 games on your PC. 

This post is submitted by Aamir, Co-founder of Techiwar (a platform for the latest updates about apps, games, tools, and websites). 


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