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Following the popularity of Battlegrounds Mobile India, BGMI LIte is being developed and released for Indian consumers. We are providing the most recent information about BGMI Lite Pre Registration, Release Date, APK Site, and Download method through this page.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite is a mobile version of Battlegrounds.

The Krafton video game holding firm just launched the highly anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India, a renamed and modified version of the previous game – Players Unknown Battlegrounds India, on July 2, 2021. (PUBG India). The game garnered a good response from people all throughout India when it was released solely in India, with acclaim for its distinct levels, combats, and gameplay. Now, discussions are on about the Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite, which will be a lighter version of BGMI with fewer features and less disc space than the full version.

Update on the BGMI Lite

When PUBG India was not yet banned, it had a large database available on the Play Store, with a primary game size of over 2 GB. When downloaded into the device, this used to expand beyond the real size and lead to the purchase of additional features. This is unlikely in the near future for Battlegrounds Mobile India, which presently has a size of 684 MB in the Play Store, making it virtually identical to PUBG Lite.

However, as the Battlegrounds Mobile India database grows larger and consumes more capacity, the KRAFTON Game creators will release the BGMI Lite edition in the near future. There has been no word from KRAFTON on the BGMI Lite release date as of yet.

Pre-Registration for BGMI Lite

Since the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India on July 2nd, 2021, there has been a lot of curiosity. As a result, there’s a good probability that KRAFTON will choose for the Pre Registration of BGMI Lite, which is less prone to early beta access. KRAFTON, on the other hand, will go ahead and release the full version of the BGMI Lite for Android smartphones. Users with a PUBG India account will ultimately be able to transfer their data directly into the BGMI India / BGMI India Lite edition (whenever published), making them eligible for the pre-registration prize.

Download Battlegrounds Mobile Lite APK

Although the future of the BGMI Lite is uncertain, we are here to offer you the method for downloading the BGMI Lite, which is quite similar to the BGMI :

  • The gamer needs to go to the Battlegrounds Mobile India official website.
  • When the site appears on the screen, the BG banner INDIA KA BATTLEGROUNDS LITE will display.
  • Simply press the Download Now button at the bottom of the page.
  • BGMI and BGMI Lite would show as sub-options.
  • Select BGMI Lite to begin downloading the BGMI Lite APK Download Link file to your Android device.


  • Visit the Google Play store.
  • In the search bar, type “BGMI Lite.”
  • The game’s apk will display on the screen once it is officially released.
  • To begin downloading the BGMI LITE, simply click the install button.
  • Register yourself and begin playing the Battle Royale after the BGMI Lite version has been installed on your smartphone.

BGMI Lite Redeem Code Until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated Redemption Center for Battlegrounds Mobile India customers. However, because the old PUBG version has been banned, BGMI/ BGMI Lite users may still visit the PUBG Redemption Center to acquire the latest redeem codes until the official BGMI Redemption site launches.

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All that is required of PUBG Lite players is to follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official PUBG Mobile website.
  • Look over the section on the Redemption Center.
  • Inside, provide the following information:
  • Verification code for the Character ID Redemption Code
  • Finally, click the Redeem Button, and the coupons will be correctly redeemed.
  • Support for the BGMI Lite Helpdesk

All Battlegrounds India players, even those who are waiting for BGMI Lite, can contact the Battlegrounds India support system. The BGMI Lite Support System exists to guarantee that common concerns such as payments, account bans, system updates, server connection, gameplay, prizes, and more are resolved.

First and foremost, Krafton has said nothing concerning the availability of BGMI Lite. Although we may never see this game released, given the popularity of mid-budget smartphones in India, BGMI Lite is anticipated to find its way to low-end phones.

BGMI Lite will be a stripped-down yet smooth version of the game that will operate smoothly even on low-end Android phones with limited RAM and processing power.

The final version of BGMI Lite will be available after months of testing and problem fixes. There will be no BGMI Lite version for iPhones/iOS-based smartphones, similar to PUBG Mobile because those devices are currently strong enough to run the full version of the game smoothly.

Early Access & Pre-Registration for BGMI Lite

Once it has passed the beta stage, BGMI Lite Pre-Registration will be accessible on the Google Play Store. BGMI Lite Early Access will be available to a limited number of people at first. So yet, there has been no confirmation of the timetable or the BGMI Lite Release Date.

Are you unsure how to get BGMI Lite? Well, it’s a simple procedure. It will work exactly like any other app you have on your phone. Simply access the Google Play Store and fill out the pre-registration form. The Play Store will immediately begin the installation of the BGMI Lite Game once it is published.

The BGMI Lite APK will be available for download through 3rd Party App Stores such as APK Pure, Tap Tap, APK Mirror, and others once Krafton releases this lighter version officially. Untrusted websites should not be used to obtain BGMI Lite APK since it may harm your phone.

Final Thoughts on BGMI Lite


The Official Game Developer, Krafton, and any other reputable websites have made no mention of the BGMI Lite development. As of now, it’s quite doubtful that this game will be released in the nation. To be informed about any changes to the BGMI Lite release date, follow Krafton on Twitter or Facebook.