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Hack App data The Android devices store a lot of data on a specific app folder. There are times when you want to edit or delete the app data for one or the other reasons. In such circumstances, you would need to make use of a special app that can help you with your app data with ease.


What is Hack App data?

Hack App Data is an Android app and is used for viewing and editing the app data stored by your Android apps. It can b a great option for customizing and playing with the apps and games installed on your device.

It is a harmless hacking application and can be a great asset irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an expert. The app does have different modes that would suit different requirements. This would make it rather simple and easy to go with your needs in an enhanced degree of experience in taking care of your apps.

The Hack App Data application is quite useful in altering the apps and games installed on your system. You simply need to download the Hack App Data application and perform any sort of hacking that you may be looking ahead to.

The features of the Hack App Data application?

The Hack App Data application does come with the following options and features that would make it a reliable tool to go with –

  • It offers you two hacking modes viz Static hacking mode and Dynamic mode
  • You can work with two working modes viz Root ad Non Root mode
  • A quicker and faster performance
  • 100 percent safer and secure operation
  • The advanced and powerful operational ability.
  • Totally free to download and use

The System Requirements for Hack App data application

The Hack App data requires you to be at least on Android version 3.0. Given the fact that most of the Android users are today are on Android 9 or higher, that should not really be a huge concern as such. The minimum RAM requirement for the app to work efficiently is 2 GB.

You do not need any internet connection for working with the Hack App Data tool. No root permissions are ideally required, but having the root permissions can ensure that you have access to the full functionality of the app. In any case, you will find the app working seamlessly on a nonrooted device, but a few of the features will remain restricted on the nonrooted Android devices.

How to use Hack App Data application?

Using the Hack App Data application is quite simple and easy to go with. You need to install the app from any of the APK sharing websites that you trust. Please note that the app is not available on the official app store such as Google Play Store. You can source it from APKMirror or any other trusted APK sharing service.

Once you install it, the application will show you the list of applications installed on your device. Tap on the game title for editing the game content. Rebuild the APK by following the instructions carefully. Rebuilding the app will take a while. Be patient and wait till the process is completed successfully.

Once everything is completed, you can uninstall the original version of the app or game and install the modded version.

Is it safe to use Hack App Data?

The use of Hack App Data comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you want to do with your apps and games, you may choose whether you want to install Hack App data or not.


  • An easy to use and simple hacking application
  • Support for the multiple levels of hacking
  • You can run the application on both root and non-root options
  • Completely free and safe to download and use
  • The small size of the application
  • Faster operation and secure performance


  • Playing with system apps may be dangerous and can damage the operating system
  • It may be risky to hack the premium versions of the games and apps
  • Make sure that your modifications are only for educational and information purposes only
  • It may not be easy to mod the apps and games that make use of an active internet connection.

The App information

Here are the details of the application  at a glance

  • App Size – 6.3 MB
  • Category – Apps and Tools
  • Version – 1.9.6
  • Requires Android version – 5.0 and above
  • Developer – Steelworks
  • Total Downloads – 5,596,923

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, Hack App Data is a wonderful app and can be a great asset for customizing and personalizing your apps and games. Since does not need rooting for the basic functionality, you can use it even when you are not willing to root your device. If you are an advanced user, you can easily use it n your rooted device for getting a few additional features and functionalities on your device.

Use it once and put your modding skills to a test. You would definitely want to keep it and enjoy the freedom of using customized and personalized apps to your heart’s content.

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