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2Backpage is dead! Hey, are you looking for the best 2Backpage alternative website? Well, you’re not alone!

Once ranked as the best online destination for confidential/personalized ads, the 2Backpage had it all – if it were electronics, events, job vacancy notifications, real estate, and more. But later, the site became the center of questionable adult content.

I did not like the feeds! So after so many allegations about it going on behind all the digital wires, the government finally turned the plug on in the fall of 2018, prompting the FBI to destroy the site.

Does that mean the “2Backpages” era like the website is over?

What now? New alternative website for 2Backpage.

Although this site is down, some sites like backpage and other places where you can find casual sex or post-free personal ads. The Internet is full of hack-up apps and sites that eliminate the problem of posting ads and waiting for a response, but there are still plenty of advertising options for those who need ads. A new 2Backpage partner that meets your needs depends on what you are looking for in a traditional advertising site.

Some 2Backpage alternatives are entirely legitimate and offer 2Backpage-like features and services. Other popular URLs use name recognition, such as e2Backpage and DoubleList. These sites offer free classified ads and claim to provide the best alternative to the original site except for all the bad stuff that puts it in the first place.

Consider the options above if you are looking for a 2Backpage alternative for posting traditional ads or services. They seem to have a good reputation, and the city can break local interests or the results you are looking for. They’re not at the top of our list, but they certainly provide the basics. To help you find the best background alternative, we will divide the sites into different categories: add-on sites, adult advertising sites, and more.

Showing the 2Backpage alternative websites


Free ads time allows users to browse the latest free classified ads in your area. The categorized site includes various ads ranging from used cars to real estate to animal sales, rentals, and more.


The site name itself is descriptive and another free privacy platform for cars, jobs, property, animals, services, etc. Users can find what they are looking for or create their ads for free.


Findermaster is another underground network worldwide that offers free categories for goods, services, jobs, dates, beautiful accommodations, beautiful animals, and more.


It is a great place to advertise locally and a great place to find items listed by sellers. Industry experts have compiled a friendly list of categories to ensure an enjoyable experience with these categories.


This site covers almost all English-speaking countries. They have large cities on-site such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Toronto, and smaller areas with a population of thousands.


H1Ad is a personal site that enables you to post ads with photos or browse ads posted by others.

The short name for this free advertising site is chosen because it is easy for both buyers and sellers to remember. It is not a summary because H1Ad is a tag commonly used by programmers to identify virtual addresses, and H1Ad’s goal is to make every ad as meaningful as possible.


Advertise allows users to browse the latest free classified ads in your area. The categorized site includes various ads ranging from used cars to real estate to animal sales, rentals, and more.


If you are in the market to find a site like 2Backpage, this is another site to visit. It has a modern look and is very practical. Go ahead and look for services or goods right now!

Ads. Shopolop.com

Searching through ShopLop ads is a breeze, and if you’re in the market to find the best alternative, check it out right now. The browsing experience is fun and easy.


Ologames ads are highly related to the types of sites you can find on the Internet, and it covers a wide range of categories and is very smart. Check it out now!

For other needs

Many sites are out there if you are looking for free advertising options without dates or adult benefits. The three most common and most dangerous spam lists are listed here – while some spam is not preventable, you can at least avoid the worst here.


Believe it or not, many people still use Craigslist. You will need to sort through most spam as usual, but this is true for any free advertising site. It is known for its extended membership in the Free Advertising Association and has many local sites for different cities and regions.


Freeadstime controls all types of free classified ads on sites across the country. As an alternative to the 2Backpage, users can search for ads based on their interests and location, find different services and products for sale, etc. The site is entirely free and easy to use, as its name suggests.


Hubble also has all kinds of privacy categories where people can post items for sale; services are available, the services they need, and other advertisements. This site allows users to search through it to find what they want with more than a dozen different categories. All you have to do is record and confirm your email to send a message.

What was good about the 2Backpage?

While many great websites are linked abroad, and Craigslist and other online billboards are still popular, many people are frustrated by losing a 2Backpage because it is about adult advertising. It was famous for its links to offers, and it was. These things are hard to find online, especially when you are looking for a free website instead of sites that require a subscription or pay you to post.

2Backpage does it all for free. Premium features are available, and you can advertise with them professionally if you wish. They also have affiliate programs and other services, and for most of them, there was no cost. For most people, this is hard to find. Fortunately, today the Internet is full of people who want to fill such big shoes and give people the bulletin board they need.

Do you think that in 2020, when apps become king and people will hardly have access to desktop versions of websites, online privacy sites may be a thing of the past? However, the reality is that it is still a helpful tool and will probably last for a long time. However, finding the best people is not always easy. If you are a fan of the 2Backpage and are looking for a new option, keep reading to learn about the possible alternatives, what they offer, and how they compare to the original.