How to start making money on Instagram


Is there a chance to start making money when your profile has little to no subscribers? Well, yes and no, depending on what your profile is about and what aims you have for it. However, people often underestimate their possibilities and don’t understand what they can and cannot do at a certain point of time; in this article we’re going to tell you what you need to start making a coin on this social media. We will be writing for people who have a small business and who are trying to develop their business online by social media promotion – it can be a personal brand, a small company or individually made products and services. Insta is a great platform for showcasing all of those, but the strategy is going to vary a little bit. 

First of all, there is a misunderstanding that you cannot make money from an account before you will gain several thousands of subscribers, yet this is not true. Micro influencers are highly demanded today, and brands that are bigger look for people who could showcase their products to local audiences that are interested in them. That’s why you shouldn’t be thinking that it isn’t possible to make money while you’re “small” – actually, you can start making money almost from the very beginning, several hundreds of followers will definitely do. 

But how do you gain the first hundreds? This is a very good question and the answer depends: you can either spend lots of time waiting for your first dozens and hundreds to gather naturally, or you can save yourself lots of time and buy Instagram followers. That’s not dangerous, although many people say that they have had a negative experience with those, it mostly has happened due to their unawareness of what they should and shouldn’t do and buy. For example: if you’re thinking about a chance to buy real Instagram followers, you should pay all your attention to what exactly you’re purchasing and if those are actually real. Many people are choosing to purchase the more cheap and less qualitative services and then they “pay” for it with the fall of their online statistics. 

Whilst, if you buy real subscribers, you won’t be disappointed, as real people will actually come to your profile and will follow you for a nice reward from a promo company afterwards. But if you take on the fake subs, those will litter your profile’s online statistics by bringing only the fakes to the profile – IG algorithms will clearly see that only the fakes are visiting your profile and will count your account as fake one as well. 

Plus, if you’re deciding to purchase something for your account’s promotion, you should keep in mind that this is only a support, and not the main course for sure. You should put lots of effort and time into generating quality content and into staying in touch with your people who ask you questions and send you messages. If you don’t have time for that, you should either hire a person or find someone who’s going to do that for you. It’s not the hardest thing to do, it only takes time – but it plays a gigantic role in forming the right opinion about you and your brand. Even if there is a brand that’s bigger than yours, you can always bribe people with your attention to their needs and questions. 

Summing up: to make money you don’t need thousands of followers. Bigger brands look for influencers who have a small but loyal audience, so if you’re willing to collaborate with companies, you need to gather your first hundreds of subscribers and from that moment on you’re becoming totally rentable for people who’re looking for advertising possibilities. To save yourself time and find work quicker you can purchase subscribers for your profile, and don’t forget that the best results are being brought to the table when combining several promo services. You can add your campaign up by thumbs up, comments and stories views – that’s a standard pack that will take you far pretty quickly.