Why You Need Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Business

microsoft dynamics 365 consulting

In recent years, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is quickly creeping up on its competitors in the enterprise resource planning and CRM markets. More and more organizations have discovered the convenience of unifying their data and leveraging business intelligence to generate predictive insights.

For instance, in the ERP sector, Microsoft Dynamics had dislodged Oracle from the second place. It is also gaining traction in the customer relationship management segment.

So, why should you use the tool over the competition? Here are some of the benefits of doing so, according to a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting service:

  1. Flexibility.  Dynamics 365 can be customized so that they will only use the features that fit their needs, unlike some apps where you purchase the whole suite, which means that you end up with unnecessary apps. For example, the experience would be drastically different for the person working in the marketing or the operations department. It is because they subscribe to different features in the same app. You can also scale up as your company grows and your requirements become more complex.
  2. Cloud-based. Since you are working in the cloud, you do not need a physical server or terminal to work. It provides each worker with a wide range of freedom to expand their offices everywhere. You can access your task using your smartphone, so you can be halfway around the world and still be connected to the other team members.
  3. Business Intelligence. Since the app is built by Microsoft, you have unfettered access to the powerful business intelligence tool, Power BI. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting services can help you leverage the analytics and reporting feature to visualize data for easier consumption of the different teams. For example, you can get insights into your digital marketing and identify gaps and opportunities.
  4. Customer insights. The analytics tool of Dynamics 365 gives you a unique understanding of the behavior of your customers. There are built-in KPIs that will enable you to track the client journey in real-time. Any insight would be crucial to tweak your services to improve customer experience. In today’s highly competitive environment, any type of edge you can get would be invaluable.
  5. Simplicity. Since most facets of your ERP and the CRM are contained in a single solution, it is easier to keep track of all movements. You can access and curate data, connect with teams, share information, and analyze big data using one solution. As such, the app helps boost productivity as everybody can work faster without worrying about duplicate data entries.
  6. Empowering Marketing. Your sales team would benefit greatly from Dynamics 365 since they are not working blind anymore. Every strategy they take is backed by actionable data. So, they are more equipped to match their sales goals in the process as they eliminate the need for trial and error.

Through its Office solutions and the Windows platform, Microsoft already occupies a dominant position in most businesses around the world. The Dynamics solution has already been around for more than 25 years. Microsoft tweaked the suite to come up with Dynamics 365, which is an all-in-one CRM and ERP solution.