The Secret to Gaining TikTok Likes!

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TikTok Likes

Becoming popular on TikTok is becoming more difficult by the day. If you got in on the ground floor with a couple of decent videos, then you may have built up a decent subscriber base. Nowadays? You need to be pretty good at creating content. Like, really good. Even then, you need to market that content in the right way. You also need to add a dash of luck into the mix. Let’s share with you a few ideas on gaining TikTok likes.

Play into the trends

Before you can become a trendsetter, you need to become a trend follower. This means looking at what is currently popular on TikTok (it changes by the day!) and then trying to plan content around that. Don’t try to jump on every single trend. It is important that you try to carve your own niche on TikTok. If you are jumping into every trend, then your viewer base will be stretched across many different subject areas. This can make it difficult to retain those viewers once you have gained them.

Challenges are a great way to gain a couple of views here. If you can keep an eye out for challenges and tackle them in a creative way, then there is a chance that you could go viral. This could put a few more views and followers on your TikTok profile.

buying TikTok views

Use tags

Seriously. You have no idea how many people are going to be forgetting about the use of tags. People on TikTok seem to think that it is a case of ‘film it, and they will come. They won’t. If you do not have roads leading to the destination, then you can kiss goodbye to any chance of massive amounts of views on your videos. It will be limited to people who are watching you already. The tags are your roads.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be jumping on all of the tags. If your videos are not relevant to the tags, then you are just going to be annoying people. Stick to ones that accurately describe your videos, even if they are somewhat on the niche side. In fact, while we are at it, it may actually be better to try and fill a niche on TikTok as opposed to entering some of the more popular categories. The viewership may be smaller, but there will be a whole lot less in the way of competition.

Be creative

As we said, you should not be putting out a video every day. One every couple of days is more than enough. If you can do that, then it does give you time to plan your video. We can virtually guarantee that you will be filming several videos and then ditching them as they are not up to your standard. Only put out a video that you would be happy to see on somebody else’s profile. There is no sense in putting out something awful. It will only work against you.

Don’t pump out too many videos

We know this may sort of play against the idea of gaining TikTok views. After all, the more content you pump out, the more views you get, right? Well, not exactly.

We know that TikTok videos are short, but if you look at any of the major trending videos on TikTok, it is clear a lot of effort has been put into producing them. This not only means in terms of filming the content but also the planning stages. There is a reason why some of the most popular people on TikTok are only putting up a video every so often. They are not afraid to plan their videos. It allows them to get really creative. This means more views for them.

Buy them

If you are really, really struggling to get any traction on TikTok, then you could always look into buying TikTok views from reputable companies like A lot of the top TikTok talent would have gone down the same route at the start. While it isn’t going to be a long-term strategy, going down this route is probably going to be good enough to start generating a little bit of a buzz for you.