Whatsapp Blue – How to Blue whatsapp download free

Whatsapp Blue

What is whatsapp Blue?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is also updated on a regular basis, giving it one of the greatest WhatsApp apps available. You may personalise the app to your preferences. There are several topics from which to pick. It also has a lot of privacy protections, so it’s secure to use. The software also has the ability to Freeze your last seen and examine other people’s last seen activities without obscuring your own. If someone deletes a message, you may also prohibit deleted messages and received alerts.

Some Great features of Whastapp Blue 

Hide blue ticks

When you send a message on WhatsApp, you receive one beep, double ticks once your message is delivered, and double blue ticks when your message is viewed. You may hide the fact that you’ve viewed another user’s message using this function, which is useful for ghosting people.

Sticker Packs

The company sells fantastic stickers that enable you to fly to your buddies. Keep up with the most trendy stickers to ensure you always have the most up-to-date stylish backgrounds. If you don’t find anything you like, you may create your own sticker packs by downloading the sticker author from the website.


Because a smartphone’s storage capacity is limited, you’ll need a technique to get rid of old conversations and other unused data. You don’t have to remove texts yourself using this cleaner since it does it for you.

Hide typing status

When you compose a message, the app displays a series of dots to signal that you’re typing to the other person. If you don’t know what to say, you may use this attribute to disguise that fact. You may write and delete as many responses as you like without seeming to be trying to respond for a lengthy period of time.


The WhatsApp Business app has an auto-reply option that isn’t available in the regular WhatsApp app. That’s where WhatsApp Plus enters the picture. When you’re too weary to write by yourself, the newest edition allows you to establish automated answers.


You may alter the banners, chatting screen, and main page to suit your preferences, in addition to having backgrounds and ideas. You may customize the alerts and even the widgets outside of talking.

File sharing

The original WhatsApp app’s sharing function is one of its drawbacks. You may easily exchange little films and audio files of a few megabytes. Worse, you don’t receive the original quality when you download a picture. Enter WhatsApp Plus, which allows you to transmit films longer than 30 seconds and up to 7 minutes. You may share up to 50 MB of video and 100 MB of audio, and the photos will retain their original quality.

Records and history

If you’re a neat freak who likes to keep track of everything, this feature is for you. Because this function logs your activity, such as when you open and shut the app, you can keep track of your chart and history.

You may use the app from anywhere

When you use Jt whatsapp as your messaging app, there are no international taxes or charges. You can talk with anybody in the globe, whether they are your lovers, friends, family, or anyone else. The call will be only one click away for as long as you both have a solid internet connection.

No Email or PIN Required

When creating a WhatsApp account, you do not need to provide your email address. Adding your private information to the application is neither a priority or an enticement. You’re fine to go as long as you have a connected mobile number.

Keep your account active.

Another fantastic aspect of WhatsApp is that, unlike other conversations and chat rooms, you will always be signed in to your account until you alter it. The majority of the time, you’ll have to store your password and information on your own device, which is risky. WhatsApp, on the other hand, will store your phone login and name in its database. As a result, when you want to use the app, your is already signed in and have access to all of your information.

Group chats

The group chat option allows you to add numerous individuals to a single call. This is the software to use if you’ve ever wanted to host a group gathering or a family function.

Why whatsapp blue not installing on my device? 

WhatsApp Plus isn’t loaded on your smartphone for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is incompatible with the Android operating system. This means you’ll have to go back to the old client. This article will assist you in resolving this issue and restoring WhatsApp Plus functionality. If you’re experiencing difficulties downloading WhatsApp Plus, make sure you’ve enabled download from unknown sources in your phone’s settings.

Disadvantages of whatsapp web?

As we all know, blue Whatsapp Plus offers a plethora of fantastic features, and everyone who has tried it has likely fallen in love with it. However, the days have passed when individuals utilized it without hesitation. You may now wonder why there is skepticism. Let me tell you something. Blue Whatsapp Plus still was free to use, and people utilized it without fear of being banned. However, the main downside of utilizing Whatsapp Plus is that it is currently prohibited.


WhatsApp Plus is an excellent method to remain in touch with the people you care about. Regardless of where you are, you may send and receive messages as frequently as you like. This new functionality also makes scheduling auto-reply messages a breeze. The first step is to go to the official website and download the most recent version.

You now have a better understanding of the finest WhatsApp APKs and how to download and use them. I’m certain you’ll love the additional features, particularly the user aspect. I hope you would like this article pleases share it with your friends and family.