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What is peacock TV

Peacock TV, a new streaming service from NBCUniversal boasts an impressive library of content. The one-stop shop will serve as a home for all your favorite comedies and dramas from the network’s extensive catalog with live sports events available too.

In April this service was released to Comcast subscribers only but starting July 15th you can enjoy it nationwide whether that be because they’re located in rural areas without access or just want another option outside traditional cable packages – no matter why we have made our newest addition so accessible now there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone else who wants their fix delivered right into their living room via Netflix style delivery methods which have been

How To Activate Peacock TV On Apple TV?

After following the given instructions, you should be able to activate your activation code on Apple TV.

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Step 1 First of all installs the peacock TV from the App store.

Step 2 Then using your email ID sign up to Peacock TV

Step 3 Then click on activate Peacock TV Icon to activate peacock TV in your Apple TV.

Step 4 Now go to peacock activate To get the activation code.

Step 5 on the other device go to peacock activate and enter the correct activation code

Step 6 Click on the Next button and install option in your TV

Why Is Peacock Not Working On My TV?

If peacock Tv is not working on your device follow the below-given instructions to fix this issue.

1 restart your device and wait for some time, maybe it can work.

2 Clear your browser cache and data sometimes this is the reason of interrupting peacock Tv

3 Uninstall and then reinstall the Peacock Tv activation application on your electronic device.

4 check the device’s internet connection and make sure your internet is super fast so that it can load the content of peacock TV.

How To Enter Code Activate Peacock TV?

Step 1 First of all visits the activation site.

Step 2 Then download the peacock tv activation and install it on your device.

Step 3 with using your login user ID and password sign in to the application.

Step 4 Now your activation code will be displayed after logging in.

Step 5 now on your web browser search and enter the activation code it will activate your peacock tv within a couple of minutes.

How to connect peacock tv on android or iPhone

Step 1 First of all download the application on google play store or app store.

Step 2 Open the application and sign in by using a username and password.

Step  Now search on your web browser and enter 6 digit activation code on your device.

Step 4 Now clock on the continue option. After that, Your peacock tv is activated and successfully enjoys thousands of premium shows.

How to register on peacock tv.

To create a Peacock account, simply follow these simple steps.

Step 1 Go to activation which is the official website of peacock tv.

Step 2 Now enter your email Id and password

Step 3 Now to verify your login details for which you have to open your mail inbox and copy the registration code and paste it to the peacock tv’s website.

How do I activate peacock Tv on Roku?

Step 1 on your Roku channel store you can add Peacock tv by clicking on add a channel option.

Step 2 Now touch the peacock tv application on your device.

Step 3 click on login and by filling in your login credentials click on login.

Step 4 Now open your smartphone and scan the barcode to activate. Also, you can activate by visiting activation and filling in the correct activation code.

Step 5 Now you can enjoy unlimited peacock Tv content on your Roku.


How to connect Peacock Tv on LG smart tv

Step 1 First of all visit the LG application store and search for the peacock Tv application.

Step 2 Download and install the peacock tv application on your LG smart device.

Step 3 Now open the peacock tv application and log in by filling in the credentials which I have told earlier in this article.

Step 4 Also you can activate your account by filling in the activation code.

Step 5 Visit and enter the activation code that appeared on your LG smart tv.

Step 6 Now click on the continue option after entering the code. It will activate your peacock tv application and you can enjoy all premium content on your LG smart device.

What are the devices peacock tv supports?

As of now, peacock tv is available on Android TV, Apple TV, Vizio TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One, LG Smart TV, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. So whatever device you are using you can take benefit of all the premium content that peacock tv offers.


How To Connect, Sign-in & Activate Peacock on smart tv?


First, download or open the Peacock App on your phone or tablet to watch Peacock TV on your Smart TV. To activate Peacock TV, go to and enter your email address to register an account. After that, go to your email and enter the code into the message box to authenticate your account. Peacock is now available to view via a web browser on a PC or smartphone.


Peacock TV promises customers thousands of hours of movies and television, as well as unique channels and entertainment. Subscribers will not only be able to watch new episodes made by the streaming service, but they will also be able to binge watch some of NBC’s most popular shows. As a result, fans of 30 Rock, Friends, and Law & Order will be able to revisit some of their favorite episodes. The service’s library also has a large selection of movies. Peacock also broadcasts daily highlights from some of NBC’s most popular live television shows, such as NBC Today.

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