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Paylocity login is the topic of our today’s article, we hope that you are familiar with paylocity. Though you are not familiar with it, then we will try to provide information regarding it also, but our main focus of today’s article is about paylocity login. We will show you step-by-step guide for paylocity login and also some additional information related to paylocity. Do you think that this process is very easy, but there could be some steps in which you will need the help of this article So you can follow the instruction given below in the article to safely login in paylocity.

How to log in to paylocity ?

There are very minor and simple steps, you can easily log in into the paylocity. But then also there are a number of people who don’t get success in the login, so we are here with some helping guide for you. Follow The below steps, to login easily and safely.

  • You have to enter the company ID which is assigned by paylocity
  • After entering, they will have to enter the username.
  • By completing both the above steps now you will have to enter your password to make content some kiss sensitive words and also some characters.
  • Now you will have to check and also remember the username box.
  • All this process is done, then you can that all the information is correct or not.
  • And in the last step, you will only have to select or hit login button.

What is paylocity ?

This is one type of software that is designed for the HR management processes, or you can say that payroll management software. Which is basically made for the use of employees to manage all the work and to turn the normal work into automation type. Because if automatic process is followed the more work is done in less out of times and also the mistakes are avoided. By this, you may have got an idea about what is paylocity.

Who are the users of paylocity ?

By studying the data available on internet, most of the users are of mid-size businesses, or you can say small businesses and also some non-profit. The strategy behind this is not cleared up to this time hope, so it will be cleared in the future, but these are some types of users which are in the more number, or you can say that it is the target users.

Languages supported by paylocity:

When it comes to the language supporting then most of the time many apps come with only one language and that is English. So this is also the same about the paylocity because this software only supports the English language. Because all of us know that in many of the countries, English is common and understood by each and every person, so the developers made this software only English type. But in future it is expected that the language support will be increased and people will get their desire language on this software.

Benefits of paylocity

We all know that this type of pieces of software have the number of benefits, but we will only provide you some important benefits which are for you.

  • Easy training support by these employees can understand all the features of this software, and also they can handle it in critical condition.
  • It provides the automatic notification so that user will always get informed with the post notification and this push notification will be sent automatically.
  • This tool also helps you in managing the employee basically this platform offers you many types of tools with the interaction with community, and also it will boost the engagement with the other employees which will result in increasing productivity.
  • Decent pricing then other service providers because plan and the service of this tool or software is comparatively cheaper than the others.

Key features of paylocity

Just like benefit, there are many of the new key features that are recently updated in the software.

  • Workforce management

feature basically helps in reducing the administrative work and can maintain the records.

  • Time management

This helps workers in managing their time and also giving out the accurate punching time for them and all this thing is carried out automatically and the data is forwarded further.

  • Compensation management

This feature helps in for the approval process in which first eligibility is checked and then only the compensation request is proceeded.

Cons of paylocity

  • As there are some benefits and nice features, welcome bad things about paylocity.
  • This told her software lacks in pricing transparency because as compared to the others people cannot see the price.
  • No free trial is provided by this tool of software. Because if we see the condition that in which first free trial is offered just to take an overview about this software, but this feature is not provided in this.
  • Though it is made for the mid-size businesses, but it is not applicable to this small size businesses, so it is better to be away from it

Is paylocity secure?

The price transparency is not maintained but then also there are some major security protocols which are followed by the software, so in simple words we can say that it is the secure app. Because many of the time such apps or not safe to use, there is the chance of data loss. But there is no news from the outside also, so you can definitely use this app.


That is all about paylocity login if you like the article about it then you can comment us down the reason you liked it. For all the related Tech content you can visit our website again will definitely come up with the new and engaging article for you. If you think that you have got available information from this, then you can share this article with your friends or business employees just to give out an idea about paylocity login.


What does paylocity do ?

It manages all the HR procedure such as tax feeling social security and medical taxes.

Why does companies use paylocity?

Just to carry out the automated work, which will save their time and improve the decision.

What kind of system is paylocity ?

It is one of the cloud based human capital management system.

Who is the CEO of paylocity ?

Steven Raymond Beauchamp.

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