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mmorpg games is among the more challenging and well-known PC games. The MMO industry is worth 10 billion dollars annually and has an audience that is much greater than those. There are numerous MMORPGs that are free games as well as paid MMO’s. World of Warcraft, for instance, has players who have spent more time in Azeroth than any human being has been on the planet for six million years. The idea that drives these huge numbers is simple that anyone, from anywhere is able to become whatever they want in this digital world (and grind some loot as well).

Tips and Tricks for Playing MMORPG Games

Contrary to the text-based multi-user dungeons that MMOs originated from in the past, modern MMOs are extremely sophisticated. They offer the very best games in the field, whether as humanoid felines or cruel dictators. We’ve collected the top online games available today to honor that remarkable tradition and guide you to the one worthwhile to play. To simplify things we’ve also categorized these games to give you an understanding about what is unique to each one outstanding. We’ll also provide the list of no-cost MMORPG games, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending money to play these games.

1. World of Warcraft

Platforms: Windows, macOS

You might believe that Warcraft is a world that Warcraft isn’t an mmorpg games for free. Why is it included? It allows you to play the first twenty levels for no cost and since the 20 levels are a significant amount time spent for players in World of Warcraft, you are bound to enjoy the entire game. This is the reason that it’s been listed in this list.


There aren’t many players who are not familiar with Warcraft. Warcraft. Warcraft is a game that’s associated with the genre of MMORPGs. It provides players with an extensive and ever-growing universe of information to explore. All the essential components of a good MMORPG are in this game, including the ability to customize characters, an game world that is open to exploration, as well as an engaging storyline. Beginning with World of Warcraft should be the top priority for you if haven’t yet. The game should not be overlooked.

2. Guild Wars 2

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Another totally free mmorpg games for novices to begin by playing, Guild Wars 2, has a compelling storyline that is depending on the choices you make. It’s not something you’ll find in other games similar to it. Like most games, this one has basic features such as crafting, customization of characters powerful PvP and PvP components.

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The story takes place in the world of fantasy Tyria and lets players experience the vast and endless world by themselves or with a group of friends. In the Guild Wars 2 storyline it also has numerous instances of the world that players will come across. Guild Wars 2’s unique action-based system makes playing through the levels much better as opposed to World of Warcraft, which is often regarded as to be a tedious grind. If you’re bored of boring levels in other mmorpg games this one is the one for you.

3. Secret Worlds Legends

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Secret World Legends is another recent convert to the free-to play model. The game is defined at the very least part by its setting which is the subject of conspiracy theory snobs fantasies (or some of the most terrifying nightmares they’ve had). A world of mystery and full of supernatural terrors is defined by mysterious societies, mythological creatures and dangerous cults. The game’s events are given an enthralling sweep thanks to an amazing sound design that effectively increases the suspense.

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The game’s commitment to storytelling is among its best aspects. In contrast to the usual MMO game that allows players to play an uncontrollable number of quests without a sense of a broader purpose The Secret World focuses on a smaller amount of quests at a time that has clearly defined objectives. The game’s narrative is brought to the forefront by limiting the focus as well as the game’s writing and atmosphere are highlighted, and is generally of good quality.

4. Star Conflict

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One

You should try Star Conflict if you like exploring space. The no-cost mmorpg games places players in the shoes of a space pilot looking for alien treasures scattered across the vast universe. In Star Conflict, you are charged with locating various spaceships like spacecrafts, fighters, or huge satellites that are able to float around in space.

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There are many PvE quests and battles to be found in the game. In them, you must fight space pirates and alien squadrons and also PvP in outer space on your spaceship. You can also modify your spaceship by using different weapons and spacecraft modules that are organized into the tree of technology. Another excellent aspect that is unique to Star Conflict is that it lets players experience the game through virtual reality using Oculus Rift.

5. Skyforge

Platforms: Windows

In the course of your apotheosis, become godlike, gaining followers and rising to godhood in a world of sci-fi equipped with the latest technology. It’s true that all of those terms don’t usually coincide, but let’s not quit just yet. If you can create your own gods in Skyforge and make your own god, why are you just a tiny speck in a world crowded with other players grinding loot?

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Contrary to many other MMOs, Skyforge offers players the option of changing their classes at any time thus matchmaking can be smooth and advancement in levels is no longer required. The prestige system is where players are ranked based on their overall stats, not simply by gaining levels. Skyforge provides a pleasant break from other MMO’s grinds by altering the standard MMO methods, offering an intriguing sci-fi setting and featuring combat that is action-oriented.

6. DC Universe Online

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

DC Universe Online, an online mmorpg games that has custom capabilities allows you to create your own super-hero and play alongside famous characters in DC’s DC multiverse, like Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman as well as other characters.

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Alongside it’s unique tab targeting system for combat, which sets it apart from the other games in the list above, this makes the game more enjoyable for players. In addition to being a compelling story and cool equipment to find and levels that let players to decide which direction they’d like to go within the game, DC Universe Online offers many other features that are appealing to players.

7. Lord of the Rings Online

Platforms: Windows, macOS

The Lord of the Rings Online is an MMORPG that is set on the exquisitely detailed LOTR universe , which is ideal for players who enjoy the medieval world and tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. In the game, players travel through Middle Earth, fighting alongside familiar characters and exploring places similar to those from the films.

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There’s one minor variation to the game’s gameplay: Lord of the Rings Online It’s not any different to any other MMORPG listed on this list. There aren’t any large-scale PvP possibilities in LOTR Online as the characters are in the same place. Instead, players are provided with the Monster Play mode that allows players to create monsters at the level of ten and fight with other players in Ettenmoor.

8. Star Trek Online

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Alongside its strong licence, Star Trek Online offers an exciting and unique gaming experience that’s unbeatable on this MMO market. With its aliens and spaceships and a constant blend with naval sim and third-person shooting Space Truckers Online has a thrilling gaming experience which will have you captivated by its spaceships, aliens and spaceships.

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There are many familiar elements in the show and movies which are as entertaining to experience just as the name suggests. Fan service is executed well and is a must in Star Trek: The Original Series by blasting up borg cubes walking along the promenade of Deep Space Nine and beaming to distant planets with an out-of-the-way team. A new story extension on the Alpha Quadrant, launching at the end of January provides new gameplay elements that takes place in an previously unexplored area and numerous special events and minigames that will only last for a short period of time.

9. ArcheAge

Platforms: Windows, macOS

It is possible to do almost everything you can imagine in ArcheAge the medieval fantasy game that transports you into a fantasy medieval world. If you’d like to become an imposing warrior and conquer the world, you can do it using a large sword with a large group of buddies with you or be an expert in economics and face the difficulties of trading and farming. As an pirate, you could steal from traders and take their merchandise.

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Furthermore, Mounts and Travel play an essential role in ArcheAge. In addition to the thrill of riding wild animals like deer and lions across the vast landscape it is also possible to take to the skies and sea. You can cruise the oceans on anything from boats to warships and also air-based modes of transport like airships and gliders. Archeage illustrates how committed Trion can be (and the resources they can access) in its quality and durability.

10. EVE Online

Platforms: Windows, macOS

EVE Online is still the best space MMO. is the subject of numerous memorable gaming stories due to the fact that it is focused on a handful of aspects and excels in these. In addition to meticulously-simulated games and platforms, CCP pays attention to its community of players and responds accordingly, because they are often their users who make the final decisions.


While some critics dismiss EVE as a space-based spreadsheet However, this criticism does highlight one of its greatest strengths the real and growing economy. There is a claim that game-related intrigue has spilled to the world occasionally since the companies and alliances that are part of EVE take their business serious. The game is unique in its ability to compete to EVE Online’s richness, nuance, complex diplomacy, and vast space battles.

Final Verdict

There are many free mmorpg games to download online, but those ones listed above are the top games we chose to share with players to enjoy. If you’re thinking of making streaming videos from it, take a look at for the tutorial below.

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