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By Tyler Damon

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Payday is like Christmas for those who have entered corporate life waiting to bear the fruits of their labor. It is no wonder that people expect to conquer the world after receiving their salary, but one must always be mindful that salary should be spent wisely. For starters, money that has to be utilized for paying bills, buying groceries, etc. should be kept aside. After the finances have been settled, then comes the tricky part of how to best utilize the remaining chunk of your salary. This article will shed light on some of those methods, through which you can best use your savings after payday.

Go on a vacation

One method to best use your salary could be to save money and go on a vacation. This method requires long-term planning and setting objectives to keep a certain amount every month, which might be a hassle and also unreliable. However, if you have saved enough, you can plan a trip with your own money, giving rise to a feeling of accomplishment, and also rewarding yourself after all your hard work. You can take your pick from either going on a local holiday, by merely visiting any nearby hill station, or going on an international trip. Planning and financing an international trip might be more costly, however, so proper planning is needed to utilize your salary best to go on a vacation.

Purchase engaging Art – Diamond Painting

Another method to enjoy spending your salary could be to purchase games, books or other activities that will keep you entertained for a long time, and will also prove to be worth the money. An example includes purchasing a diamond painting kit. 5D Diamond painting kits consist of filling in a picture by placing colorful and shiny beads to make it look more eye-pleasing and aesthetic. The beads are placed on the canvas with the help of an applicator pen. This painting kit it not only affordable, but it is an excellent method to entertain yourself as well. Furthermore, it also provides a calm feeling, which you can enjoy after a long day at work, as it distracts one from the tiring duties of the day, and acts as a method to relieve stress.

Focus on your health

Another way to best utilize your salary could be to focus on your health. It is no secret that working long hours can physically drain and emotionally drain a person, hence giving rise to many mental health concerns. Therefore, a method to spend your salary could be to get a gym membership or to get yoga classes. Joining these classes will help you take some time out for yourself, and also promote a healthier lifestyle. Another method could be to invest in a daily food plan service. These food planners ensure that fit and tasty food is delivered at your doorstep every day. All you have to do is subscribe to the food planning service, sit back and enjoy your weekends without the hassle of going grocery shopping, or even cooking.


Splurging might be the most fun way to utilize your salary best, although not the healthiest. After all the critical financial decisions have been made, you can choose to splurge on a wide assortment of things. You can purchase new clothes to add to your wardrobe, buy a new phone, treat yourself to a meal out with friends, or buy things you normally would not. Splurging might not be the best way to utilize your salary, but it does an instant dose of happiness, which is all that matters right after payday.

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