How to Write a Catchy Application Letter to Get Employed

By Tyler Damon

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Catchy Application The last thing you want to do in an application letter is to make up a generic paper from the templates on the internet. 

A cover letter is as significant as your resume. At times, even more so. You can strategically target it to the position and the employer while using it as an opportunity to explain gaps or career choices. On the other hand, a cover letter should not merely replicate your resume as well.

So that brings us back to the question. How to do it and do it well?

Seek Expert Advice

If you want your application to stand out, then you need more than your job description filling up space. To put it better, you need at least a little flair for writing. Only when you sit down to type would you realize that you might lack the interest or right talent to whip up interesting content. 

Fortunately, the professional writers at can give you a hand at the task. The Essay Pro team is well versed in the resume language to craft an excellent and personalized application that reflects your talents. One can even hire an expert in their industry to do the job, which will ensure that they know what the recruiting managers are looking for. 

Nail the Opening Line

Seven seconds; that’s all it takes for a hiring manager to see whether your application is worth short-listing. That is why the opening line of your letter has to be just right. You need to pique the HR’s interest right away to convince them to continue reading. 

Now, there is no one appropriate way to begin your cover letter. It might depend on your career until that point. Here are some ideas to use.

  • If you have some relevant accomplishments, they will impress the recruiter. It gets right to the point and compels the employer to learn more about you.
  • Express your enthusiasm for the opportunity to apply. It translates that you are motivated and would be eager to work hard at your job. 
  • Mention your network ties if someone referred you to the position. It is best to approach this in the opening line so the hiring manager will note this. They would be interested to see why the contact thought you fit for the job.
  • Depending on your industry, it might be wise to include the latest news on the company or a current event that would interest the manager. It might be tricky to relate it to your job. But if done right, can certainly get your application a second look.

Personalize the Content

It is not only the opening statements that have to be personal, but the application should continue to discuss your passion and motivation for a particular role. As companies are looking for core as well as versatile candidates, employees can highlight two or three positions or projects to demonstrate how their skill is transferable.

If you do not have sufficient experience, make use of the application letter to provide a compelling case to the recruiter. You can mention how you have been actively preparing for the role. If your resume is weak, then a cover letter gives you another chance to exhibit your abilities.

Throw in a Little Humour

It is not uncommon for recruiters to appreciate a well-put joke or pun in a cover letter. When done with respect, it might be a refreshing change from the rest of the pile. It is an excellent way to start, as well, to keep the attention strong for the rest of the text. 

It can be about your habits that will come to use at the job or a pun on how others talk about your qualifications. However, do not fail to support it with relevant work experience and ensure that the wit is done tastefully

Talk About What They Don’t Know

A covering letter starting with “I am writing to apply…” will instantly get you a rejection, unless your resume is incredibly impressive, to begin with. Your recruiter knows that you are applying for the position and your professional experience from the CV. What they seek in a cover letter is not the obvious, but new details. 

Talk about what you can bring to the table, or how you can add value to the company. You can emphasize how this job would be growth from your current one, or why you are making a move. 

Impress the ATS with Keywords

The hiring process is entirely digitized today, and 40% of the hiring managers use some kind of Applicant Tracking System to screen the candidates. It is only after you pass this initial stage, the recruiters will start a personal look at the applications.

By including keywords that match the job description, you can be sure that you will come through the ATS. Make sure to use them organically and mention all the skills the employers are looking for.

To sum up, an application letter should demonstrate your interest in the position. Your enthusiasm to work in the company and how you can contribute to the firm. It also serves as a means to reflect your personality and ability to convey ideas. Focus on a standout opening, persuasive content, and a noteworthy finish on one page to stand out from the crowd.

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