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By Tyler Damon

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Tools Platforms There are so many wonderful things that artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in an incredible way to affect our lives on a daily basis. Artificial Intelligence gives a hand in a very vast area of our lives, whether we’re trying to read our emails, get directions while driving to a new place, listen to music or watch a movie. In this article, you’ll find out more about how artificial intelligence affects our daily lives.

  1. Amazing Use of Digital Assistants in Our Daily Lives

You’ve heard about Siri from Apple, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana these are digital assistants that help us to execute a range of tasks, from checking our schedules and searching for something on the internet, to transfer commands to another app or service. Artificial Intelligence is a very important part of how these apps work since they learn from every single user interaction with them

  1. Artificial Intelligence Helping With Smart Replies in Email

Smart replies in email services offer their users a way to reply to emails with simple phrases with the click of a button. Smart replies are customized with artificial intelligence to the content of each email. Users can reply by typing something manually or may instead choose from many one-click smart replies.

  1. Google’s Amazing Search Algorithm

Google search engines developed over time by studying the linguistics used in each and every search. Its Artificial Intelligence learns from the outcome and adapts over time to improve and meet the needs of users. For example, a search of “what are neural networks and how are they related to synapses” offers Google’s choice of “best answer” highlighted at the top, tagged along by a list of sources that answer the query. The purpose of Google’s algorithm is to bring the best probable results to the searcher. In order to do this, Google uses Artificial Intelligence to try to conclude the quality of content and match it to the user’s question.

  1. Giving Unique Music Recommendations to Users

Music services use Artificial Intelligence to track their users’ listening choices. Then, they use the information to suggest other songs they might like to hear. For example, spotify offers recommendations for new discoveries, new releases, and old favorites, based on their user’ listening habits. Google Play Music also suggests personalized music recommendations. Its Artificial Intelligence power-driven recommendations consider many factors like what weather it is and what time of day you’re listening to music to offer music that can set the mood for activities.

  1. Impact of AI in Social Media

Artificial intelligence makes it very easy for every social media user to find out a new friend and talk with them.


AI helps and makes our lives more resourceful each and every day it impacts many programs that ease us do everyday things such as connecting with new friends and finding out stuff, get directions Artificial intelligence is helping us each and every day of our lives.

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