How to select perfect speakers for your job

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Choosing speakers can be a daunting decision. Sometimes you want your speakers to be good at everything as you want them to sound good with music but just as good when playing movies. You need to determine who you want your speaker to be. If you are looking to set up a 5.1 speaker, what size room do you have at the moment and are they always in the same room or are you at a stage where you often roam? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing your speaker. I have found floating bluetooth speakers available with complete specification details here.

Wireless speaker

If you are looking for a wireless speaker for the iPod with you, then where would you use it? Do you want it for external use? You may find some speakers that are water proof and will float. Ideal if you have a hot tub or pool. You can also get wireless solar powered speakers – this is really true wireless – you can leave your MP3 player in and out of play and your speaker lasts all day without the need to replace batteries. Is! Take a look at the different wireless technologies available it breaks into two groups. Radio frequency and Bluetooth are very useful.

Easy way to connect and perform

The way you choose depends on how much you want to connect with it. Bluetooth is great but it has a limited range. If you are looking for a speaker for stereo music and you have space, I would mostly recommend looking at some floor speakers.

Leviathan Bluetooth speaker and dock

The Air 2 wireless speaker consists of a floating Bluetooth speaker and a docking area. In the package, you will find the speaker, base, and plastic framework. This framework is used to position the Bluetooth speaker and the base on top of each other so they can be mounted. You can still float the speaker at the top of the base without any framework.

Hands-free calling function

The speaker is connected to smart devices via Bluetooth 4.0, and through the hands-free call button, anyone can transfer calls from the smart device to the speaker. The speaker is very audible thanks to the leverage that helps create the sound. With the built in microphone, you can communicate with family and friends through a smart device.

Rechargeable battery

The dock has a built in Li-ion rechargeable battery that enables up to 12 hours of playtime. This is perfect especially if you are spending time out in the park or at a picnic site. The speaker system comes with a recharging cable, which ensures that the battery is full after several hours of use.

Bluetooth 4.0

This latest technology allows for better streaming between smart devices and speakers. You can listen to different genres of music such as hip hop, RNB, jazz, country and rock. This technology ensures that the music produced is clear and entertaining at the same time. The connection lets you play music up to 33 feet.

USB port

Both the speaker and the dock have a USB port that can be used to connect the speaker and the base. It can be used when you do not want the speaker floating and when charging the base station.

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