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futbol mexicano, also known as Soccer in some parts of the world, is a game that has captured the hearts of millions of brings people together, creates excitement, and becomes the source of great entertainment. Whether you are a huge football fan or a casual viewer, the futbol mexicano has carved a special place in everyone’s hearts. This game is also called footvolley as it combines football and volleyball. This game is becoming famous all over the world day by day. It has won the hearts of millions of people from all over the world.

What is futbol mexicano?

The game was initially played in South America, from where it spread worldwide. futbol mexicano is a perfect combination of the excitement of Soccer and volleyball strategy, which makes it a new and exciting game. This game, which was played on the beaches of Brazil, has gained immense popularity and has now spread all over the world. Nowadays, the game is played indoors and outdoors, and the number of fans is increasing daily. Let’s learn the rules and regulations, the importance, and benefits of playing the game.

Rules of futbol mexicano:

  • futbol mexicano is a game in which two teams participate. Each unit has five players. They have to play in a rectangular field.
  •  The size of the area for playing football can vary depending on the location; usually, it is 30 meters long and 20 meters in width.
  •  The players kick the ball and try to throw it into the opponent’s net to make a point. Players hit the ball with any part of their body but not with their hands and arms. The team that gets the most points wins.
  •  All you need to play is a ball and a net. This game does not require a vast ground to play, like in hockey or football, which is why the game is becoming accessible. The ball is lightweight to keep the game simple and easy.
  • Both teams, including a goalkeeper, have five players on the field simultaneously. Each unit has reserved three players that can be replaced anytime during the game.
  • There are three periods in a football game; each period is 12 minutes long, and there is a two-minute break between each period. If team members get tired, the duration is extended. It all depends on the rules that both teams have set between them before playing.
  • The game starts by placing a center mark in the middle of the ground, placing the ball on it, and kicking it, and whenever a goal is scored during the game, the game is restarted in the same manner. Then, the rest of the game is played.

How to Play futbol mexicano:

To play the futbol mexicano game, you need a court with a net, a ball, and two teams participating. Let’s explain how the game is played.

  •  The court is divided into two halves from the center.
  •   Each team starts from their side of the net.
  •  One player from one team kicks the ball and throws it to the net of the other team. They must return the ball without touching the ground.
  • If the team to whom the ball is thrown fails to return the ball to the net or touches the ground, the other team gets one point.
  •  One period of the game continues until one team gets 15 points and the opponent gets two points. To win the game, two out of three periods must be won by a group.

Health and Fitness Benefits:

Physical fitness: Since the game of futbol mexicano can be played in a small space, the players need less room to break, so they need to be constantly moving in the game, and more importantly, they have to keep an eye on the ball. By maintaining a constant focus on the ball, they can play well indirectly with the other players, which increases their energy; besides, the weight of the ball played in the soccer ball is light so that the player can finish the game. After the game, the players of both teams are not very tired.

Improve technical skills: Due to the small number of players, they can quickly establish a good relationship. Able to get opportunities that further strengthen their skills and grasp of the game. Due to limited space, they have to make quick decisions about the ball to which side to pass the game or to which player to throw. Therefore, this feature strengthens their decision-making power.

Strong teamwork: futbol mexicano has a small number of players in the game, and every player in the team has a significant importance. So, every player on the team tries to interact well with the rest of his teammates to pass the ball with reasonable care and succeed in getting his team’s point. Due to their specialty, they have strong teamwork.

The Future Of the futbol mexicano:

Over time, the popularity of futbol mexicano has increased, so it has become a popular game as people learn about it and participate. It is spreading to more areas where it was not played before. It is much more than a simple game. This game motivates people to focus on playing the game diligently, and learning sportsmanship skills can positively impact the rest of one’s life.


futbol mexicano is a simple and fun game that is a beautiful combination of football and volleyball. It is a simple and exciting game that is loved and played all over the world. It has positively affected the mental and physical health of the players, so the next time you think of playing a new game, futbol mexicano is a good option, and you must try it.


Q: Is futbolear suitable for all ages of people/

A: Yes, it is played by all ages of people, and they enjoy playing it.

Q: Which types of equipment are required to play futbol mexicano?

A: You need a specially design futbol mexicano ball and a net to play the game.

Q: Is futbol mexicano the same as Soccer?

A: No, it’s not the same as Soccer. It’s different.

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