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croxyproxy Hey guys, today in this post we are providing information related to croxyproxy. Why should you use croxyproxy and many other things which are related to croxyproxy are provided in this post. Purpose of making this post is to provide the awareness or information related to croxyproxy.


What is CroxyProxy, and how does it work?

This is a platform which allows you to access your favorite website. By the means of CroxyProxy you can take the advantage, or you can access your favorite websites.

The major difference of proxy and VPNs is that it allows you to access your specific page. You are not allowed to pass all the traffic through it. This is for those who kiss for the personal data.

Proxy acts as a gateway between the uses’ of internet. It also prevents cyberattackers for entering the private network as it acts as a gateway. This server access a computer which is literally based on internet which has an IP address of its own. Proxy also provides you security for your computer.

Key Features and Benefit

CroxyProxy servers give you the lots of facilities also many features and benefits. However, by using the proxy servers you get the security to your computer as well as it also provides to the secure employees.

It also prevents crashes through the balancing of internet traffic. The websites are controlled by the employees in staff so which are accessible in the office. It also saves the band weight which caching files also comprehensive incoming traffic. Share some features of using proxy.

It enhances your security: this is the main purpose of proxy however it as a protection between the uses and the systems or internet or by getting this facility hackers are not able to access your IP address, and it’s get her from for them to hack.

It also presents employees from browsing the in appropriate or distracting sites:

You can access to location specific content

Private browsing listening shopping and watching

How is CroxyProxy trend in India

As the data related to proxy server or CroxyProxy was updated in September 2021 so because of it there is not the real time insights of the data. But to Just provide you information, here is some raw information related to croxy proxy trend in India.

Government restrictions

By some of the act the government has put restrictions on many of the website, and they are restricted for the use in India. So to use this type of website, proxy servers are used in India.

Geographic restricted content access

There are many websites or apps which are restricted for some geography reason as the population of India is more so to use that geographical restricted content at our many other proxy server are used.

SEO usage

To see how the website looks in different locations are different areas, croxy proxy might be used for that purpose.

Croxy proxy vs. web proxy services



it is very easy to use and without any much bigger setup, it directly gives you axis to the blocked website or content without any other software.

Other Web services:

Other web proxy server may be different in usability, or many of them my requirement some sort of extension and software to run up further.


Proxy :

The speed of this depends upon the server and how much load does a server is taking, this decides the speed of CroxyProxy server.

Other web proxy services:

The server speed are load of other proxy services may be different for each, so there might be some speed difference as compared to croxy proxy.

Locations of servers


Croxy proxy: servers of CroxyProxy are located at many places because of this it can overcome geography restricted sites and website.

Other web proxy services:

In other proxy services the location of server might not be everywhere, there might be limited server set up.

Alternatives of CroxyProxy

Though crossyproxy is one of the best proxy provider, but then also some people don’t like the services of CroxyProxy. So for that people we are here with the best alternatives of CroxyProxy that you can use instead of it.


This is our first alternative of CroxyProxy this provides free proxy services. Just not like other they provide proxy services, but they also provide SSL encryption for the customer security.

Hotspot shield

By the name itself indicates what work it will carry out. Hotspot shield will provide you one of the best proxy servers or proxy services. Do they are providing you this services, they do not take any data related to customer? Rather than this, they provide a security from hackers and also shield our identity.

Nord VPN

This proxy service provider is in the market from last 10 years, and it also has a very nice experience about all the proxy services. Not VPN is one of the best service provider related to proxy. One more additional feature that you can access to any website using not VPN.


It is one of the plug in type provider which offers you proxy services. It is also secure for all your data, it does not misuse your data. This proxy service provider gives you secure and also in this you can access to all your favorite websites and apps which are restricted.


It is one of the famous VPN provider that will offer you the proxy services. Why it is famous then the big reason for if it is a very user-friendly proxy service provider and very simple to use. It has a very wide network of servers and server sir located in many of the areas in the world, so it is one of the best proxy service provider among the all.

iTop VPN

This proxy service provider is very fast, it works very securely and in free manner. It also helps you in overcoming the geography restricted website and apps. It gives you access to many of the music social media and video gaming or video games.


This is one of the unique proxy server provider that gives you control to the VPN server and by this you get a free hand of customizing your VPN server for yourself. And this VPN was developed by some of the computer scientist which were from University of Bristol.

Argo VPN

It is one of the best and new bypassing tool which was developed by filtershekanha team. It is one of the new and updated VPN or proxy service provider, it comes with some additional features like Falcon and bridges. This can definitely help you in our coming the restricted websites or apps, and it is unique feature and only this service provider will give you.


It has a unique and different name but why the unique name it is one of the fast and stable proxy service provider that can turn very helpful to you. You can absolutely try Tom VPN once you will surely like it.

Chris PC free VPN connection

It is one of the unique proxy server provider that help you in creating your own VPN connection in which you can add server like USA Germany Canada Russia Singapore and many others full stop which is one of the great feature that anyone can offer you and absolutely this can turn best all the alternatives so do try once.


It is one of the Chinese proxy service provider that can help you in overcoming the restricted games or the websites which are restricted in China, and it offers you this service without any additional support or app.


All the information provided in the upper points is only for educational purpose. If any unwanted things happen while using the services then we are not responsible for it, use all the services at your own. It was just a short informative post to inform you about what are the proxy services and what things you should understand for it or before using it. And some of the app might before in their features, so please take care while using all this services and use it at your own risk.



What is the proxy server types of proxy server?

It uses many of the server types, some of them are given below.

Is croxyproxy free to use?

Yeah, it is definitely free to use though it offers free services then also the connection and security is also best as compared to other proxy service providers.

Is croxyproxy safe to use?

Yes it is definitely safe to use because the company do not interfere in your data or in your IP address which is with them, it offers he was secure connection.

Can croxyproxy be used on mobile device?

Yes it offers you the service to be used on mobile device which includes devices such as smartphone tablet etc.

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