Competitive Intelligence Helps Businesses Break

Intelligence Helps Businesses

Businesses in today’s technology-driven world have many avenues to monitor. Companies, such as NetBase Quid, take the sting out of the operation and chunk it down into manageable data with an endgame. One technique the team utilizes is competitive intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a method of gathering information from similar companies, products, or services. These are clues about what consumers are searching for and what they are not, which can be even more critical in some situations. NetBase Quid can perform this service on all platforms and in varying depths.

Strategic Intelligence

This is one form of competitive research that helps to develop a company’s long-term strategies based on their goals. The data gathered will help piece together procedures that will feed the system, but the results may not be immediate. Instead, it is used to build a solid foundation, and over time, adjustments are made as new details emerge. It is a starting position that will ultimately be the stage all other creations will be built from.

Tactical Intelligence

The opposite procedure is tactical. Tactical intelligence is lasered focused on immediate results. A different set of criteria will be evaluated. Some topics will be trending or regional. The subject may quickly fade out, but it will serve its purpose by bringing attention to the brand or service. This can shine a spotlight in a controversial, heartfelt, or factual style. The theme would depend on the audience.

In-depth Research

Competitive technical work is not merely gathering thin internet search information. It requires looking at clients that use the products, who watches them, experts in the field, what they follow, and possibly offline publications or records. The point is to uncover the apparent layers and dig into what is driving the competitor’s machines. There is a reason why they are drawing in business, and through deep analyst, NetBase Quid can find the hidden gems.

Business Models

Successful operations work from a plan. It is not enough to proclaim the goal, but a blueprint must be built. When modeling a business, you start with the end and work backward. Competitive intelligence will be woven into the beginning, like the legs of a stool. From that support system, tools will be added from the knowledge collected.

The Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a critical role in NetBase Quid’s market intelligence toolbox. The programs can gather and sort big-data, and they create spreadsheets that tell a story. Trends and loopholes can be spotted. With fine details, new products can be developed, and social media feeds can be planned out. Comparisons on every level will be made, but not without considering the goals. It can be easy to run down rabbit holes, which can be useful after the ball is rolling.


Using competitive intelligence can give businesses an edge over similar operations because of the vast amount of data collected from various resources. The more a new entrepreneur knows about a successful brand, the better. The new business can use other’s successes, but instead of copying them, develop fresh approaches that will lead to the same ending. There must be subtle twists, but it stills needs to attract the same audience.

NetBase Quid

There is a fine line from copying another business. Net Base Quid has the techniques and experience to work with extensive data and competitive intelligence. The team understands that there is more than just handing over the spreadsheets, but the next phases involve marketing and campaign developments. The ultimate goal is to build a company with the knowledge and wherewithal to withstand trends and create a loyal following of repeat customers.