Best App to Hide Application in Your Android Phone

By Tyler Damon

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We live in a digital era where nothing is completely secure. However, that is understandable that you want to keep your privacy and it is so annoying when someone tries to intervene in your privacy. This is one of the reasons why people might want to install hide applications on their phones. Since we do many things on our phones like taking photos, watching movies, surfing the internet, playing games, and many more, we need our privacy and do not want a third person to access our phones. That is why privacy needs to be protected from people and right now you can only do that by installing hide applications on your phone. To make sure that your data is hidden from nosy people and you will not have to worry about anyone spying on your phone, we have compiled a list of the best apps to hide applications on your phone. Check out.

  1. Hide App

Hide App has an easy-to-use interface that saves the users from a lot of confusion. Your data is protected and secure with a pin lock. This app allows you to even hide the app icon on your smartphone.  Furthermore, it also has Auto Backup and restores feature, in case you ever want to uninstall the application. It will back up and restore all hidden apps upon reinstallation of the application in the smartphone.

The App is free to download through Google Play Store. To hide apps, you must have root access, as it won’t work on smartphones that aren’t rooted. After you download it, you will be informed if your device has root access. However, before downloading this app make sure to have a strong internet like the one offered by CenturyLink Internet plans and have high-speed internet at cost-friendly prices.

  1. C launcher

It is a remarkable app with a 4.5 rating on the Play Store. Just download this launcher from the Play Store and open it. Simply using the Zoom in gesture, you can reveal the hidden application window, which will allow you to add several applications you want to hide from other users. The major benefit of this application is that it doesn’t duplicate any app and asks you to uninstall the original app.

  1. App Hider

The App Hider is an application that users can download to hide apps. The procedure of hiding your apps is simple and easy; you must type in the app you want to hide and then open the application in the App Hider. Next, you have to uninstall the original app, and you are done. Moreover, the App is disguised as a calculator, so people snooping on your device can never tell you are hiding an application.

This is not the only thing App Hider can do. It also lets you protect your private images and videos from the default gallery. The application provides an album where you can store the media files without worrying about who will view them.

  1. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is created in collaboration with ‘Android Does Team’ for Android. The App allows you to customize the home screen and grid sizes for app drawers and themes, as well as lets you hide apps. Because it works like a launcher, no one will think twice you are using it to hide applications.

  1. Calculator App

This is a free app created by FishingNet. It looks like a calculator hence this vault-like application allows users to hide photos, applications, videos, and much more.

Users can hide data to keep it private. Press the icon of the App and set up a pin code or password. Then select the data and apps you want to hide within this vault. Next time you want to access the files, you need to enter the code you set up. This is a simple, user-friendly, and secure application, so you can hide media files and other applications that you would like to keep private.

  1. DU Privacy Vault

This App is designed to block applications for Android phones. This is the most secure application, and you can hide even the smallest of your document. Furthermore, it also lets you hide video files, photos, your calls, and other applications.

To further protect your data, you must set up a password such as a pin, pattern, or alphabet. Moreover, it has a Break-In Alert feature that lets you know if an unidentified user tries to enter. Also, the user’s image is recorded as well.

  1. Notepad Vault

Notepad Vault is another app hider developed by SwiftWifiStudio. The Notepad Vault offers users the option of hiding applications they wish to keep from prying eyes. The App replicates your apps which means you can have to make separate accounts from the apps, or you can even delete the original App.

When using this application, there is no need to worry about your security and safety. This is because Notepad Vault requires users to set up a password before they can hide files and apps.


Since everyone does have certain apps on their phone that they prefer to hide, therefore the above-mentioned apps will help you protect your files from the snooping eyes of everyone.

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